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Andrew B

Gazebo simulator

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We have followed Mike Fairs instructions in regards to the gazebo simulator/unbunto etc. We cannot simulate the robot whatsoever, do we need to be physically connected to the robot & controller? I thought the whole point of the sim was so we didnt need to have the physical robot. If anybody has successfully done this could you please share the info asap, if this can be done without being connected to the robot it would be great when programming idea's off-line etc


Thanks for any help here



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What version of ubuntu, etc. are your running on?

We have successfully run the simulator in our robotics class where student have worked with gazebo + SDK on ubuntu 16.04  / ROS kinetic where the students are not connected to the robot.

We have done this with a direct install onto our lab machines, however we also have a docker setup that's available here:

Hope this helps!


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