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  2. lhqin

    About the purchase of Robot gripper

    Thanks, Hornsey. I've sent an email to the address you mentioned. Hope to receive a response soon.
  3. Nick Hornsey

    About the purchase of Robot gripper

    Hello Ihqin, Please email we will be able to quote you on a gripper regards, Nick
  4. Last week
  5. We have bought a new sawyer robot but cannot find a gripper. We want to buy a new gripper kit: Rethink Robotics Electric Parallel Gripper Kit, just like the following website: Does anyone know where to but it? Or provide me a link? Thanks a lot.
  6. nselby

    Sawyer Jacobian

    I know this is super late, but here's something potentially useful. It's still in development, but I've been using this GitHub repository with decent success:
  7. Sid

    JTAS implementation

    Answering my own question here: JTAS implementation is here: for any given position, velocity and acceleration jtas simply uses the trajectory joint control mode and doesn't seem to be doing any additional computation for inverse dynamics. It does however handle interpolation between trajectory waypoints. If there is any inverse dynamics computation going on its probably at the realtime control loop on the sawyer control machine.

    Sawyer robot enable failed

    Yes, I have the same issue with Intera too. I can't access Intera through Google Chrome Browser with the Ethernet cable connected. In the Sawyer SDK mode, I tried to skip "print rs.state()" in the file and run "rs.enable()" and "rs.disable()" etc. They all have the same syntax error. It looks like the library is missing. However, I have two laptops with the same package installed and environment set up and I haven't change anything since the first time I used them, but they all have the same error when I ran this file. Both robot and laptops were offline when I ran them. The software and packages are still the last version. I guess would it be the issue with the robot. Really need Sawyer Team Support!
  9. MontiInc

    Sawyer robot enable failed

    I just got this error yesterday, I was hooking up an IO port to my cnc machine and it shut power off to my arm. I cannot control it or open intera in the laptop. I removed the IO hookup, rebooted sawyer and I am still having this issue.
  10. Sid

    JTAS implementation

    Hi, Is it possible to expose the implementation of the JTAS server that runs on the controller machine? I was a bit confused about how it handles trajectory messages. Some of the questions were: 1. What is the difference between the trajectory mode defined under the section JOINT_CONTROL_MODE:, and the "Inverse Dynamics Feed Forward Position Mode (position_wid)" defined in the JTAS section. 2. Does the JTAS internally use a physical model of the robot to compute joint torques? 3. What JOINT_CONTROL_MODES (position, velocity, trajectory, effort) are used for each of the JTAS modes (position velocity position_w_id)? Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks, Sid
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  12. LSMM

    Air supply, Vacuum gripper

    Hi Don, Aurora and Fuglum, Would it be possible to know how you are controlling the valves using the intera SDK? python? want are the class and commands you are using? Is it using the DigitalIO class? and using the set_output(self, value, timeout=2.0) method? Thanks
  13. jorgegalds_DON

    Use MoveIt with Joystick

    Hello, I am trying to use MoveIt connected to a PS3 controller. I found a tutorial explaining this could be possible and it seemed pretty straight forward. But when I launch the joystick_control.launch file I keep on getting an error regarding the "" file apparently. If anyone has any experience on this field I would greatly appreciate any tips. Thanks! -Jorge

    Sawyer robot enable failed

    I have been using Sawyer in SDK mode for a while, but today when I was trying to enable the robot again, it failed. I did all the process as usual. I use Ethernet cable with switch for connection, "autoipd" to generate the IP address and I double checked the IP in "", then run the "" shell and run the "rosrun intera interface enable -e". There is one error displayed when I ran it. I can't find some good resources online for that, so I have to ask to Sawyer team to see if you guys can help me out. I used another laptop with same sawyer and ROS package installed, but still has the same error. I ran all the enable files, they all appears that have one same error. I guess would it be the issue from robot? I haven't changed anything after it was successfully enabled last time. I have been doing these steps for months, but don't know what happened today. Below is the error when I run all the "enable" files with " -e, -d, -h, -s": robotics@robotics-Latitude-E5470:~/ros_ws$ gedit ^C robotics@robotics-Latitude-E5470:~/ros_ws$ ./ [intera - http://021705CP00093.local:11311] robotics@robotics-Latitude-E5470:~/ros_ws$ rosrun intera_interface -e File "/home/robotics/ros_ws/src/intera_sdk/intera_interface/scripts/", line 54 print rs.state() ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax [intera - http://021705CP00093.local:11311] robotics@robotics-Latitude-E5470:~/ros_ws$ Thanks a lot, Junchao Li
  15. Hi Sawyer team, Is there any way to control the gripper force by programming? or does the force only depends on the supply air pressure? Junchao Li
  16. Hello Sawyer Team, We are currently trying to use Optitrack Camera system to detect the marked rigid body, then send the location of the object generated by the camera coordinate system to the Linux workstation in order to control the Sawyer robot. I looked "go_to_Cartesian_pose" as the example code. I know the code has the "tf" library used to convert the coordinates, but I don't know how the coordinates system of sawyer robot is set up. In other words, since the Optitrack and Sawyer share two different coordinates system, how can I know the Sawyer's coordinates system in order to set the camera coordinates same as the robot's? Junchao Li
  17. Hi, I am trying to find an answer to two questions: 1. What are the velocity, acceleration and effort limits for each joint. 2. Can these limits be changed? How? On question 1, I am aware there are limits in the robot urdf. Are these parameters used by the joint controllers? Are there other parameters that are used by the joint controllers that influence these limits. I have also seen these numbers from the sawyer MoveIt config files: Are the "Express config" limits (in the file above) physically realizable by the robot?
  18. Ruofan

    Supply Voltage of the Sawyer

    Hi, I am a student in Northeastern University. I am now using a third party gripper with Sawyer together to do some tasks. I saw electrical specifications of Sawyer shows that it provides Supply Voltage of 24V at 1A via Terminal Block. I also see the picture of the power supply you provide in the specifications. It seems that this terminal block voltage supply is not a part of Sawyer. My question is that is the Terminal Block Voltage Supply come with Sawyer or we need to buy it separately? Thanks.
  19. Shiwei Wang

    Using Moveit with Clicksmart

    Hello KHLee, The fix checked in GitHub with a branch name: clicksmart_moveit, once we finalize the feature it will be checked into development/master branch. To get the Clicksmart work in MoveIt, please use ROS Kinetic. Here is the link to the branch: 1, check out the branch pull the changes to your local branch. 2, run the bash script: to enable clicksmart at MoveIt. Do not forget to run 'rosrun intera_interface' before running the bash script. For the electrical gripper and no gripper, please keep using the command in the tutorial: Will keep you updated, hope this helps! -Shiwei
  20. Jake Hiltz

    Sawyer not connecting to ROS

    @Conti Michele: Your screen shows that your are running Intera Studio, which indicates that the robot is booted up into the manufacturing mode, not the SDK mode. You need to power down the robot, then boot into the field service Menu (FSM) From the FSM, you need to select SDK, then reboot again. When the robot boots up, you will just see the Rethink logo on the head screen. This is how you know you are in the SDK.
  21. Found the issue. Traced the main and mimic joint position values and they were all correct. Traced the effort down to the writeSim that Gazebo reads in here: Saw when the finger joints failed, the efforts were on the order of -100, which seemed quite large to me. Looked at and saw that the right / left effort limits are 20, which is far under the limit. Raised the limit to 200 while also lowering the dynamics damping and friction coefficients to 10 and 50, respectively. Issue completely gone now. FYI still on Intera 5.2. Did a diff to 5.3 and this configuration has not changed. This issue with the gripper in sim has been replicated by a few developers here.
  22. MichaelPetrini


    Has any one else had problems editing tools from previous software versions after upgrading to 5.3?
  23. Hello, I am trying to implement a basic Admittance controller on the Sawyer. I have a force sensor attached to the end-effector and I want to command the joint velocities to move the end-effector in a desired direction, depending on the forces acting on the force sensor. Do you (or does anyone) have any advice for how to go about this? One common method is to use the inverse Jacobian to relate the end effector velocity to the joint velocities, but I'm struggling to calculate it without getting bogged down in math. I'm not currently using trajectory planning. Can moveit be "Called" to output the inverse Jacobian that I can then use in my controller? Any advice is greatly appreciated! -Rachel Hoffman
  24. Rachel Hoffman

    Can two Sawyer robotic arms be controlled with one laptop?

    Please let me know if you get this running! I will also working to coordinate two Sawyer arms at the same time. -Rachel Hoffman
  25. Shiwei Wang

    Intera Library through ROS

    Hello jorgegalds_DON, Thank you for using Sawyer SDK. If you have any question related with Intera Software but not SDK, please check out another forum: Shiwei
  26. Shiwei Wang

    Individual Joint Impedance Control

    Hi nselby, Thank you for using Sawyer SDK! The circle motion in SDK in achievable, currently, we do not have the example does exactly the same motion as you described. But we will definitely add more corresponding examples in the near future. -Shiwei
  27. hi Shiwei, I am having issues in simulation only. The actual robot grippers are behaving fine. I am starting to dig into the electric gripper controller link I posted above. Here are other notes I have about the issue: The issue does not seems to be consistent. I just restarted the system now and now, but joints (main and mimic) open and close as they should. I *do* see a delay on the order of 0.2 to 0.5 seconds between the actuation of the joints in the simulation. I'm looking at this in RViz. I'm now wondering if the timing of the delay has something to do with the intermittent issue. I would say that 50 to 75% of the time I've seen the issue occur. Might be processor computation resource based or networking dropped message based. Mike
  28. Hello, mjpark, We are not able to reproduce your issue, we did verify on the 16.04 machine, everything seems fine. Few suggestions: 1, make sure to have a stable connection between the robot and your workstation. 2, make sure your gripper firmware is updated, if you want to check your gripper firmware and update it, please go to FSM to set it up. 3, make sure your SDK checkout is the latest checkout, you can also recreate a workspace. -Shiwei
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