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    How to factory reset a control box

    Hi there im having some camera configuration issues and need to reset control box is there a manual how to do this?
  4. Soh Wei Xiang

    Dashboard to send/receive data from Sawyer

    I am trying to create a server dashboard using Python that is linked to a number of devices (eg. sensors, conveyor, cameras and other robot brands) using an ethernet port switch, and send/receive data to Sawyer using this Dashboard and have a few questions. This dashboard is in the server PC with the following wired connection: Server PC > Port Switches > Sawyer (and other devices) I have referred to this link below but I would like to get more flexibility to control it (trajectory control etc) so I was looking into the SDK tutorials. I have tested the examples for the Sawyer in Oracle VM and made a sample program to run it. It resembles the program seen here: 1. How do I for example, retrieve joint angle (and maybe camera image) and show it in my dashboard? Have anyone done something like this before? Generally, I will have these shown in the dashboard: robot status (eg idle/ready/stopped/error) program name camera image joint angles 2. I plan to have my (currently non-existent) dashboard outside of the VM but in the same PC. How do I establish the communication to the robot from outside the VM? I have tried using the same leading IP address as my WiFi (NAT) but I cannot get a connection without disabling my NAT or PCIE. Individual connections was tested to be working fine so I think my error is about using WiFi and PCIE together. Connections: 1. PC <-> VM (NAT) 2. VM <-> Sawyer (PCIE) by TCP/IP Network: NAT: subnet: PCIE: subnet: Sawyer: subnet: Additional Info: Ubuntu 16.04 + ROS Kinetic Intera 5.3 3. I assume I needed to have a program for server (PC) and client (VM) so I made a sample socket client server program. I did try using packet sender to send data through TCP/IP in Intera and back from Sawyer. Can I do the same with sockets? This is my first time doing this so I appreciate any guidance you guys can provide. Thanks.
  5. ejg

    Baxter CAD model

    There's a grabcad model of the arm here: (Free to register, and a very good site for all sorts of components.) PS: Im glad someone else is here...
  6. jlaserbeam

    Baxter CAD model

    Is there any detailed cad model of the Baxter robot? I want to print out some replacement parts for my Baxter. Thanks
  7. Andreas Moser

    self-collision clicksmart SDK mode moveit

    I get this collision info: but when I add them to the collision list the links are not found.
  8. Andreas Moser

    self-collision clicksmart SDK mode moveit

    Hi, I have a problem with the adjusted clicksmart plate using moveit. i used this repository: I have executed all the commands which are described, but in Rviz l6 is highlighted red and the moveit controller fails everytime. The collition geometry overlapps, so it has to be self-collision. Is there anything else i have to do? Thank you, Andreas
  9. Sanyi

    Very large and special vaccum gripper

    Sorry for the error: It is ca. less of 1 meter long therefore Sawyer don't know which space are its dead zone.
  10. Hi, We have some trouble with Sawyer, or exactly with the settings of a custom gripper. I can't find any possibility to set the dimensions of our custom grippers. It is ca. less of 1 meter long therefore Sawyer don't know witch space are its dead zone. ______|--|_________ (Yeah isn't symmetrical...) Where can I do this or how can I do this? Thanks the help!
  11. Andreas Moser

    Using Moveit with Clicksmart

    Hi, I had the same problem and proceeded as you described. But now i have a collison of clicksmart and arm, so that MoveIT can't calculate any path. Do I need to modify the URDF? Which commands (Python) are now used to control the clicksmart? Thank you, Andreas
  12. Andreas Moser

    Customized Gripper to URDF

    Hi, for a current application, i would like to use an customized pneumatic gripper. I want to do the path planning with moveIt. For this i need the end gripper in the urdf file so it is visible in the RVIZ. i have already tried to load the necessary xacro file with the send_urdf_fragment function. The function did not give an error message, but the gripper was still not inserted Used code: rosrun intera_interface -f ~/path/right_end_effector.urdf.xacro -l right_hand -j right_gripper_base Is there anything else I need to watch out for? Thank you very much
  13. Andreas Moser

    can't connect with NTPserver

    It works now, thank you.

    can't connect with NTPserver

    Undo the modification you have done. Just change the NTP Server in the FSM to your workstation's IP address.
  15. Andreas Moser

    can't connect with NTPserver

    Hi, i am having problems connection my Sawyer to my local NTP server. When using MoveIt I get the error message that the times of Workstation and Sawyer do not match. Sawyer and workstation are directly connected via Ethernet cable. I followed the instructions from: And i set the NTP Servers in the FSM to Is there anything else I need to configure? Thanks for your help.
  16. Chew Wei Yi

    Sawyer/TCP/IP/Keysight 3070 System

    Hello everyone, Anyone have experience on using TCP/IP with Keysight 3070 system ? Network connection has successfully connected between Sawyer and Keysight 3070 system. Sawyer perform homing done and set signal to Keysight 3070 system Keysight 3070 system received sawyer signal and proceed to ask to perform next step ( open fixture ) However, sawyer did not receive the signal ( check shared data ) from Keysight 3030 system, hence no actions moved. Anyone know why ? Or anyone have good sample between Sawyer and keysight 3070 system to share with me ? thank you in advance
  17. Hi, We are trying to export the image out of sawyer without using the internet through the SMTP concept. We tried this by creating the SMTP server but we failed. could you please help us with that?
  18. Padiolleau Guillaume

    Arm jumps when turning on interaction control

    Hello, I experiment some jumps when turning on interaction option. Even when low impedance command, the arm jumps when I send interaction command. Is there any mean to avoid this behaviour ? Thanks, Guillaume Padiolleau
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