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  3. senaa

    Zero-G Mode Button Unresponsive

    As title suggests, it seems our zero-g button is no longer responsive.. has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to trigger zero-g mode through the sdk? Aran
  4. Roncelli Support

    Purchasing Fuses

    There are 3 p/n for the fuses. Littelfuse, part numbers 0454001.MR 0454002.MR 0454.500MR
  5. Steffen Scherf

    Purchasing Fuses

    Hi Pat, please contact me I can help you.
  6. Pat Seiferth

    Purchasing Fuses

    I seemed to have blown a fuse or two and was wondering where I would be able to replace these? I have not been able to find any specs for the types of fuses attached to the mother board.
  7. OK. for now I just make a new queue each time and it does the job. But I'd like to know what other parameters of MotionTrajectory are available. Sorry if this is obvious somewhere but i haven't found the api references for it yet. cheers
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to send new waypoints to sawyer every 10 seconds or so. What is the alternative to using MotionTrajectory traj.append_waypoint(waypoint.to_msg()) This adds the current waypoint to the previous waypoints and runs them sequentially. I'd like to overwrite the queue each time. Cheers!
  9. Jose_UTEC

    Can't enable robot

    Thanks for you reply Pat. This issue have taken more than one week. So, I am worry because that's part of my thesis project. Please, If you have any solution or recommendation write in this post.
  10. Pat Seiferth

    Can't enable robot

    I too have this issue, I am unable to reenable Sawyer, the safety controller continues to shut the power off to the arm
  11. Jose_UTEC

    Can't enable robot

    I have a several problem because the robot can't be enable or move by hand. When I read robot/state I have the following msg: ---- homed: False ready: False enabled: False stopped: True lowVoltage: False estop_button: 2 estop_source:1 ---- So I changed from SDK to Intera interface and give me: "Safety Controller shut off power to arm". When I tried to use rosrun intera_interface -e the terminal take some time but finally give me *enable to reset*. I h ave already read article but the solution don't work. Please, some advice about this problem.
  12. Arachana Dash

    Example Programs and Custom Programs are not working.

    I get the joint states, but the Time out error still exists. I cant seem to understand the issue.
  13. jorgegalds_DON

    Set to cartesian

    I wanted to know if there is already a function that takes 3 cartesian points and sends the pose to the robot, like the set_joint_positions() one but for cartesian. I know there is the file but I wanted to do a simpler version of it. Or at least to know what are its components that send the pose. My goal is to have a script that asks repeatedly which axis to increment (x, y or z) and then do so by increments of integers. Thank you for your recommendations.
  14. JohnM

    Sawyer SDK 5.2 is Now Available

    Are there any updates on using the motion controller and interaction controller with the gazebo simulator? It would be great if there was something already developed or anything that could be integrated by users. Thanks! John
  15. jorgegalds_DON

    Teleoperation on cartesian coordinates

    Hello everyone, So I wanted to basically join the functions of the scripts and I want to teleoperate the robot using a cartesian coordinate system and not joint by joint. I don't know if anyone has had previous experience developing such a controller but all tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated. At the moment my question is: can one use the rospy.init_node() for 2 different nodes in the same python script? As each file has a node to make them work (one with the joystick capabilities and the other establishing the cartesian coordinate system) Thanks in before hand. Sincerely, Jorge
  16. Collaborative Resolutions

    Rethink Robotics Support

    Hi All, As you all know Rethink Robotics as closed down. This has left many without their support needs. I am here to offer my services if the need arises for any of you. Please reach out to this email: My name is Grant Aylward and I worked previously as a Field Application Engineer at Rethink Robotics. The closing of the company was sudden to customers, the distribution network, and Rethink Robotics employees alike. The closing has left many of you without the support you need to get the most out of your investment in the Rethink Robotics hardware. As a member of the small Field Application Engineering team for over two years and since the release of Intera 5 I have worked with distributors and customers across the country and globe. I worked to understand their business and technical needs and with that find success in deployments and product usability. I also worked on hardware resolutions when errors and failures would arise and operated as an Intera 5 software Expert. I assisted in Training much of the distributor network around the globe. There is no means of direct support to Rethink Robotics for any of its customers currently. I am reaching out to offer my, and my network’s, expertise with Rethink Robotics Hardware and Software. The Services I will focus on are listed below. Remote Questions on software and Hardware capabilities. Can the robot do the task you are looking to accomplish? Is the software able to inspect the parts you have? These are questions I can answer. Intera 5 task Debugging. The task you created may not be acting as you expect it would, I would help get to the root of the issue and help find a solution. Intera 5 Task advisement. When making a task the way it is programmed and set-up is crucial to its success. Let me help you verify that you have a task that will bring you value. Applications Assistance. Every Application is different and I have seen hundreds. I will advise on applications. Hardware Failure Diagnostics. The Hardware is prone to failure. Using the diagnostics skills I have I can determine best next steps and help advise on fixes to get your hardware running again. Software Error Interpretation. Some Errors in the software are confusing and arise intermittently. I can help bring clarity to their meaning and why they are happening. Document Creation for Complex topics. Unsure how a particular Product feature works. Let me create a document that with help with your understanding and implementation. Onsite Product Training Product training will allow you to get continuing value out of your investment and make your own employees the experts. Application Deployment Assistance Onsite Advisement on Application setup ( Wiring, Part presentation, Application features), Task Programming, and End effector design, Site Audit Where can Sawyer work for you in your operation? I am in not affiliated with Rethink Robotics, Inc. If there is anything you do not see here but believe I could help with please do not hesitate to reach out and ask! Please share this email with any colleagues or contacts you believe may find this useful. Best Regards, Grant Aylward Collaborative Resolutions

    Sawyer robot enable failed

    I just fixed the issue about the failure of the enabling, so this can be a reference for anyone has the same issue. First of all, I googled and found out that Anaconda's libraries might have conflict with few ROS libraries. If you have Anaconda installed as the programming IDE, please check the python's and its libraries' version. It caused some errors. I removed Anaconda and reinstalled ROS then the problem fixed. Please post comments if you have better solution. Another issue is when I connected to the Sawyer robot, I just turned off the WIFI but not the network connection. I remember I used to be able to connect robot in this mode, but this time I can't ping the robot's host name and IP, and it showed up " unable to communicate with master!" when I called it. Later on I figured out that I have to disable both the WIFI connection and the network connection in Ubuntu Settings, in order to ping the robot and build up the connection. If you have same problem then don't forget to check the connection. Junchao Li
  18. lhqin

    About the purchase of Robot gripper

    Thanks, Hornsey. I've sent an email to the address you mentioned. Hope to receive a response soon.
  19. Nick Hornsey

    About the purchase of Robot gripper

    Hello Ihqin, Please email we will be able to quote you on a gripper regards, Nick
  20. We have bought a new sawyer robot but cannot find a gripper. We want to buy a new gripper kit: Rethink Robotics Electric Parallel Gripper Kit, just like the following website: Does anyone know where to but it? Or provide me a link? Thanks a lot.
  21. nselby

    Sawyer Jacobian

    I know this is super late, but here's something potentially useful. It's still in development, but I've been using this GitHub repository with decent success:
  22. Sid

    JTAS implementation

    Answering my own question here: JTAS implementation is here: for any given position, velocity and acceleration jtas simply uses the trajectory joint control mode and doesn't seem to be doing any additional computation for inverse dynamics. It does however handle interpolation between trajectory waypoints. If there is any inverse dynamics computation going on its probably at the realtime control loop on the sawyer control machine.

    Sawyer robot enable failed

    Yes, I have the same issue with Intera too. I can't access Intera through Google Chrome Browser with the Ethernet cable connected. In the Sawyer SDK mode, I tried to skip "print rs.state()" in the file and run "rs.enable()" and "rs.disable()" etc. They all have the same syntax error. It looks like the library is missing. However, I have two laptops with the same package installed and environment set up and I haven't change anything since the first time I used them, but they all have the same error when I ran this file. Both robot and laptops were offline when I ran them. The software and packages are still the last version. I guess would it be the issue with the robot. Really need Sawyer Team Support!
  24. MontiInc

    Sawyer robot enable failed

    I just got this error yesterday, I was hooking up an IO port to my cnc machine and it shut power off to my arm. I cannot control it or open intera in the laptop. I removed the IO hookup, rebooted sawyer and I am still having this issue.
  25. Sid

    JTAS implementation

    Hi, Is it possible to expose the implementation of the JTAS server that runs on the controller machine? I was a bit confused about how it handles trajectory messages. Some of the questions were: 1. What is the difference between the trajectory mode defined under the section JOINT_CONTROL_MODE:, and the "Inverse Dynamics Feed Forward Position Mode (position_wid)" defined in the JTAS section. 2. Does the JTAS internally use a physical model of the robot to compute joint torques? 3. What JOINT_CONTROL_MODES (position, velocity, trajectory, effort) are used for each of the JTAS modes (position velocity position_w_id)? Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks, Sid
  26. LSMM

    Air supply, Vacuum gripper

    Hi Don, Aurora and Fuglum, Would it be possible to know how you are controlling the valves using the intera SDK? python? want are the class and commands you are using? Is it using the DigitalIO class? and using the set_output(self, value, timeout=2.0) method? Thanks
  27. jorgegalds_DON

    Use MoveIt with Joystick

    Hello, I am trying to use MoveIt connected to a PS3 controller. I found a tutorial explaining this could be possible and it seemed pretty straight forward. But when I launch the joystick_control.launch file I keep on getting an error regarding the "" file apparently. If anyone has any experience on this field I would greatly appreciate any tips. Thanks! -Jorge
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