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  2. Raphael

    J5 Joint Error

    Hi, Sheldon, I'm sorry to hear that. There seems to be a mechanical problem / defect. Please send us a detailed description of the error, with videos / pictures to We will find a solution. BR Rethink
  3. Sheldon

    J5 Joint Error

    The J5 joint on my Sawyer is having issues. Upon startup the joint rotates all the way to the stopping point. Even when using Intera studio to articulate the arm it says it cannot articulate to the position. I can't seem to figure out what could cause this. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi I was reading another, older thread here that suggested it is not possible to use scripts like 'go to cartesian pose', or anything requiring the motion planner server, with the simulated robot. Is this correct? I am asking because before I spend time troubleshooting my error ("Timed out waiting for Motion Controller Server to connect") I wanted to make sure it is presently possible with the current SDK! My application: I want to send very basic zig zag patterns to the robot, starting from the top left corner of a 2D plane in front of the robot, and moving left to right and down the plane. We do have the robot but I need the convenience of using gazebo for now. Many thanks Ross

    How to shutdown sawyer robot

    What is the correct process (to follow) to shutdown correctly the robot in SDK mode?
  6. Hi There, I'm new to sawyer robot and i must say integrating external safety devices and controlling the sawyer remotely from a PLC via a simple start, stop and safety reset is not straight forward as compared to the other robots I have integrated to PLC and safety system. I'm trying to use a three push-button - Start/Resume, Stop and Safety reset which are controlled through a PLC. I found there are only non-safety signals that go through SC26 safety relay! The three non-safety IN11, IN12, and IN13 do not come with Nonsafety robot stop or pause. Any of the external safety inputs - IN 15-16 and IN17-18 act as safety stop which is not I want it to happen. Is there a way to stop/ pause the robot without tripping the safety through hardwire signals? For tripping the robot using a safety mat or Light curtain I simulated by sending control voltage as per the manual. The robot's safety trips but the SC26 goes into fault mode and the signal on IN13 has no impact. This is very odd and nothing is explained in the manual. Does the SC26 safety relay in the sawyer need re-programming? I'm surprised to see there are no jumpers in the safety input channel. Please, can anyone help? I have a tight deadline. Regards, Ash
  7. Hello, I am setting up the Sawyer in the Mujoco physics simulator, but I have some trouble finding information on the joint velocity controller. More specifically, I am interested to know what happens when we set joint velocities using the set_joint_velocities method on the Limb class . I assume it uses a PID contoller to convert the commanded velocities to low level signals on the arms, but I would like to know the process more precisely. For instance, what are the velocities mapped to and what is the type of controller and what are its corresponding gains? I am trying to understand how the actuation model works in a bit more detail so I can set up the simulation adequately, apologies if I missed some documentation somewhere that goes through the information I am looking for. Thanks!
  8. SmartID

    Sawyer Components

    Found it x Thanks !
  9. SmartID

    Sawyer Components

    Good day, all ! Where can I find part number for Sawyer ? Some tehnical data with components and part number for all components. Ex : If a customer has the ring for lock/unlock gripper, damaged, where I can find the part number of that ring ? Many thanks !! Florin
  10. Honglu He

    Toggle Vacuum On/Off in SDK

    In Intera Mode it's easy to toggle the vacuum on/off by pressing the white "grasp" button. Is there a way to do that in SDK mode? I've tried to publish command to "/io/end_effector/right_vacuum_gripper/command", "/io/end_effector/right_vacuum_gripper/command", and "/robot/digital_io/right_valve_1b/state", but they didn't change the state of the vacuum.
  11. John McDonald

    Gazebo simulator

    What version of ubuntu, etc. are your running on? We have successfully run the simulator in our robotics class where student have worked with gazebo + SDK on ubuntu 16.04 / ROS kinetic where the students are not connected to the robot. We have done this with a direct install onto our lab machines, however we also have a docker setup that's available here: Hope this helps!
  12. Rich Mercurio

    Original equipment electric parallel gripper

    Does anyone know where to get this gripper repaired?
  13. colin Henwood

    multiple Moxa iologic E1212 units

    Hi Lukasz I sadly can't see the topic as I don't have permission? cheers colin.
  14. Emmanuel10

    Flexure joint stiffness in Sawyer

    Dear Yichao, May I inquire whether you have been able to obtain the Sawyer's joint passive stiffness values? Kind regards, Emmanuel
  15. lsobczuk

    multiple Moxa iologic E1212 units

    Hello Colin, Look this topic: Best Lukasz
  16. colin Henwood

    multiple Moxa iologic E1212 units

    Hello Is it possible and has anyone daisy chained the moxa iologic e1212 units together to provide additional i/o? The units themselves seem a very cheap way to provide this. If not then I assume one can be added and addressed separately? The moxa website and manual state that the units themselves can be daisy-chained, but I guess the question is about how Sawyer/intera will cope. Thanks Colin.
  17. Thomas Weng

    Running Sawyer with Ubuntu 18.04

    Has anyone managed to upgrade the Sawyer from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04? Sensors are being released that are only compatible with 18.04, and we are wondering if it is even possible to upgrade to 18.04. Thanks, Thomas
  18. senaa

    Gazebo Support?

    Note, it's the newer examples which won't work, the pre 5.3.0 release examples should still work, so long as you use the 5.2.0 packages. git checkout release-5.2.0 in the intera_common, intera_sdk, sawyer_robot, and sawyer_simulator packages. catkin_make the workspace. The simulator should work now.
  19. Atmaraaj

    Gazebo Support?

    wtf. are your serious? why does rethink not at least offer a "forward the calls to moveit" node or something? only good thing is rethink and their product now went bankrupt. you really deserved it. what a relief for the rest of us poor engineers trying to work with this heap of ******
  20. Andrew B

    Gazebo simulator

    We have followed Mike Fairs instructions in regards to the gazebo simulator/unbunto etc. We cannot simulate the robot whatsoever, do we need to be physically connected to the robot & controller? I thought the whole point of the sim was so we didnt need to have the physical robot. If anybody has successfully done this could you please share the info asap, if this can be done without being connected to the robot it would be great when programming idea's off-line etc Thanks for any help here Andrew
  21. Steffen Scherf

    Start up

    please contact the Rethink Robotics support.
  22. guillaume.jigorel

    Start up

    What do you want to use, SDK or Intera?
  23. nselby

    Sawyer robot's connection with Robotiq gripper

    The links have changed in the past year. I think the new links are: Robotiq Assets: Specifications.htm The part number for the adapter is AGC-CPL-064-002. I'm looking into buying this to test on my Sawyer. I'll edit this post with an update later. Remember that Sawyer's end-of-arm tool plate is ISO 9409-1-40-4-M6.
  24. Flores337

    Start up

    I am currently trying to start up my Sawyer robot. When I power it up, it shows the sleeping eyes, but I cannot access the menu. After a couple of minutes the screen turns black with Sawyer SDK on it. I tried controlling it with a keyboard and nothing happens. I did notice that SO1 led is red inside the control panel. This robot was set up by someone else and they left so now I'm trying to get it to work again.
  25. Flores337

    Baxter showing Linux screen

    How would you go about doing a hard reset?
  26. seungback

    Sawyer Path Planning

    Mee too
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