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  2. mwatt

    Vision Pick

    Hoping you'll be able to help me with a couple questions I have about SAWYER and Intera. First of all, I was wondering what the difference between Intera 5.3 and SDK is. I understand SDK uses ubuntu and ROS (I've used a bit of this before) but do the capabilities of the arm change drastically? Secondly, I'm trying a vision pick and place where the arm needs to scan a surface for a filter (about the size of a 5p coin) and then drop it into a tray. If I put the filter in the same location every time, the task suceeds, but if the filter moves, the arm missed the filter. It does track there's a change in location and the arm moves close to the new location, but the further away from the original position the filter is, the more error there is in picking it up. I've ensured the move to nodes are children of the vision locator and have used a landmark to mark the surface.
  3. mwatt


    did you get a solution to this
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  5. mwatt

    Gripper does not connect to Sawyer

    Hi, Did you ever solve this problem? I'm encountering the same issue
  6. mwatt

    Customized Gripper to URDF

    Hi Andreas, Did you ever get a solution to this problem?
  7. andnet-deboer

    Where to get Baxter Robot Software?

    I am using a baxter manufacturing robot for my undergraduate research which was donated to my school by a company several years ago but it has not been used. When I started working with it I found out the hard drive is corrupted so I installed a new hard drive. Now I am looking to find where to get the software installation for the robot. I have gone through rethink's website and found there is an FTP site to install software but I do not have login access. It looks like there is no longer any support from Rethink as it sold the Baxter technology to cothink robotics in China. None of my emails have been getting responses so I figured I would ask here. I would appreciate any help as I am new to Baxter, thanks.
  8. rsalehzadeh

    Communication Protocol of Sawyer

    Hi, we would like to buy a ROBOTIQ gripper for the Sawyer robot in our lab, but need to what is the communication protocol becaseu we need to buy an external controller for that. Does anybody know which communication protocol should be used to be able to communicate with the ROBOTIQ gripper? Ethernet/IP or TCP?
  9. jc211

    Baxter Error 0x10

    When I boot baxter it gives an error that says 0x10 repeatedly. When I try to reset to factory, it says it has a CRC error. Any ideas on how I can resurrect this robot?
  10. prabhakar

    Can't enable robot

    Hi Jose, I hope you are well. Were you able to resolve this? It seems to be that some safety contactor is open somewhere in the controller but I cannot pinpoint it.
  11. Bryan Crichton

    Robot Booting Problem

    HI Ray i know this is a while ago now , but which cable did you replace? one of my sawyers has just come up with this error. thanks Bryan
  12. Bradcool22

    Sawyer will not boot

    The error you are seeing is a secure Boot error, I have had this happen in linux before i would recommend is burning a external copy of linux on to a flash drive, then changing the boot order to your flash drive, then go into your bios and turn off secure boot. Then shutting down the computer and unplugging your flashdrive. I would recommend turning back on secure boot if you are worried about security. If you can't get into the bios then pull the cmos battery out for 10 minutes, (might not be a bad idea to replace the cmos battery as well since its a used robot) From Bradley (mechanical engineering student)
  13. Bradcool22

    Baxter showing Linux screen

    The first thing i would try is replacing the cmos battery on the motherboard if your robot has been unpluged for 5 years its going to need a new cmos battery. Leave the battery out of the robot for about 20 minutes. Then i would look for a cmos jumper this should clear out any bios passwords then you should be able to run the setup. let me know if this works. From Bradley (Mechanical engineering student)
  14. SidUF

    Baxter showing Linux screen

    Hello Julian, Were you able to solve the problem? I am having the same problem. In my case, the Baxter was sitting (not plugged in) for over 5 years. This is the first time we fired-up the robot and I got the same screen as you had. I would appreciate if you could share possible solutions. Thanks.
  15. David A.

    Can't enable robot

    Has there been a solution to this?
  16. evan.griffith

    Random Vision Picks / QR Capabilities

    Can sawyer use its cameras to scan QR codes and link it to an excel file, or can it only be used for locating the robot? Doing so could help us process data in a more effective manner, saving time and space. What sequence do I need to code a random vision pick to pick up parts from a random assortment, instead of creating patterns?
  17. janderson

    Screen does not turn on.

    I have a new old stock Sawyer robot that the screen does not turn on when the controller gets powered up. The safety relay, PC, Moxa IO and the phoenix contact 24vdc power supply turn on but the 7.5vdc and the motor power supply don't turn on. Is there something I am overlooking that would cause this?
  18. rsalehzadeh

    ROBOTIQ Hand E-adaptive gripper

    We have two Sawyer robots in our lab and want to purchase grippers for them. We are interested in ROBOTIQ Hand E-adaptive gripper, but are not sure it will work. Would it be possible to use this brand and what kind of specific hardware (adapter, or connection) do we need?
  19. Adeeba Anwar

    Upgrading the firmware of rethink Baxter

    Hi, I'm Adeeba Anwar working in Nextbridge Pvt. Ltd as an associate Mechatronics Engr. We have rethink Baxter and need to update its firmware. I have considered support of rethink robotics for FTP access for the latest available update via email, but they did not reply. Is there any alternate way to update the firmware of Baxter? Will the latest Noetic version of ROS support Baxter?
  20. sunil

    multiple gripper connection

    Hi Team, How can we connect multiple gripper to sawyer robot and control those grippers just to open and close from intera studio. Please provide any help regarding the above challenge.
  21. Hi all, I have been trying to follow the guide to installing ROS Kinetic using ubuntu 16.04 as mentioned in the guide: However, when I reach the stage to install keys I continue to have errors. I would appreciate any help. Below is instructions I have used and the problem I faced. sawyer@sawyer-HP-Compaq-8100-Elite-CMT-PC:~$ sudo sh -c 'echo "deb xenial main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ros-latest.list' sawyer@sawyer-HP-Compaq-8100-Elite-CMT-PC:~$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-key 421C365BD9FF1F717815A3895523BAEEB01FA116 Executing: /tmp/tmp.U3ESDyQRT6/ --keyserver hkp:// --recv-key 421C365BD9FF1F717815A3895523BAEEB01FA116 gpg: requesting key B01FA116 from hkp server gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 6: Could not resolve host: gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found. gpg: Total number processed: 0 gpg: keyserver communications error: keyserver helper internal error gpg: keyserver communications error: general error gpg: keyserver receive failed: general error Screenshot for the error
  22. I am trying to control the Sawyer robot with the help of the Intera MoveIt tutorial. The problem is with the following command: roslaunch sawyer_moveit_config sawyer_moveit.launch electric_gripper:=true The first time I ran it everything went fine, I was able to plan and execute movements in rviz. But when I ran the command again today the following error came up and nothing works anymore. [ERROR] [1638439994.358624936]: Link 'right_gripper_tip' declared as part of a chain in group 'right_arm' is not known to the URDF
  23. EugVal

    Gripper failed to calibrate

    Hello, In our lab we have the Baxter two finger gripper attached to a Sawyer. In the past couple of weeks , using the example in the intera_examples (from the intera_sdk ROS packages, ) has been throwing the following error : "Calibration failed.". It is unclear why this has started happening after a couple of years of operation without issue. This is a problem because we then cannot use the gripper (The error happens in any script when instantiating the Gripper class in the intera python api for the first time : ). We noticed that running the over and over again generally results with it finally working after some time. Moreover, once it works, then it is not a problem again until the robot is rebooted. Any ideas what could be happening or how we could fix this? We are starting to suspect a hardware malfunction. Many thanks
  24. I've been working through connecting a sawyer arm to ROS kinetic on an Ubuntu 16.04 PC. I've followed through the "workstation setup" and am on "hello robot". The pinging all works and rostopic list prints out as expected, as does the joint state printing function. But when I try running the example python programs no motion at all occurs, what could I be doing wrong? is there a hidden setting in the robot which needs changing to enable motion beyond the enabling already done by the earlier python script. P.S. Also, after I've run ./, why does a yellow bracketed section appear in my terminals before the typing prompt? What does this mean, I am somehow logged in to the robot when typing those commands? Thanks
  25. gabrigoo

    Gripper does not connect to Sawyer

    Hello, I have been trying to connect this gripper to the Sawyer however it doesn't seem to properly work. Basically, if I run the example code $ rosrun intera_examples everything works perfectly. However, if I run this simple code: # Sawyer Packages import os import rospy import intera_interface from intera_interface import Gripper # Initialize ROS node, registering it with the Master rospy.init_node('Sawyer_AssistiveGym') # Create an instance of intera_interface's Limb class limb = intera_interface.Limb('right') # Enable the robot in case the emergency button was pressed os.system('rosrun intera_interface -e') limb.move_to_neutral(timeout=15.0, speed=0.6) # Use Gripper arm = 'right_gripper' _gripper = Gripper('right') then I get the following error: [INFO] [1635963926.594737]: Robot Enabled [WARN] [1635963927.249393]: Specifying gripper by 'side' is deprecated, please use full name (ex: 'right_gripper'). Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/gabrigoo/assistive-gym/", line 17, in <module> _gripper = Gripper('right') File "/home/gabrigoo/ros_ws/src/intera_sdk/intera_interface/src/intera_interface/", line 47, in __init__ intera_dataflow.wait_for( File "/home/gabrigoo/ros_ws/src/intera_sdk/intera_interface/src/intera_dataflow/", line 42, in wait_for raise OSError(errno.ETIMEDOUT, timeout_msg) TimeoutError: [Errno 110] Failed to get gripper. No gripper attached on the robot. Why is this happening? Thanks in advance!
  26. Koon

    Sawyer will not boot

    Just purchased a used Sawyer and when powered up I get this message and it seems to be looking for a password? Any ideas?

    How to factory reset a control box

    Hi there im having some camera configuration issues and need to reset control box is there a manual how to do this?
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