Using Moveit with Clicksmart

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I want use the sawyer robot with moveit package, to generate obstacle avoid path.
The tutorial works perfectky with or without your electric gripper.
But with clicksmart, it cann't generate path.

I am using this command(There is no options for clicksmart.)
$ roslaunch sawyer_moveit_config sawyer_moveit.launch


When launch finished, I can see the clicksmart pad at the right_hand link.

But  after that I tried to generate plan with random position, it failed with this log.



How can I launch the sawyer model with clicksmart to use moveit?

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Hello KHLee, 

I apologize for the delayed response here. We recognize there is an issue here stopping ClickSmart devices to be used in Move-IT. The SDK team is working towards a resolution. I do not have a timeline on its completion. When a resolution is released I will update you here. 

Thank you, 


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Hello KHLee,

The fix checked in GitHub with a branch name: clicksmart_moveit, once we finalize the feature it will be checked into development/master branch.

To get the Clicksmart work in MoveIt, please use ROS Kinetic.

Here is the link to the branch:

1, check out the branch pull the changes to your local branch.

2, run the bash script: 

to enable clicksmart at MoveIt. Do not forget to run 'rosrun intera_interface' before running the bash script.


For the electrical gripper and no gripper, please keep using the command in the tutorial:

Will keep you updated, hope this helps!



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I had the same problem and proceeded as you described. But now i have a collison of clicksmart and arm, so that MoveIT can't calculate any path.

Do I need to modify the URDF?

Which commands (Python) are now used to control the clicksmart?

Thank you,


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