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  1. Shiwei Wang

    Using Moveit with Clicksmart

    Hello KHLee, The fix checked in GitHub with a branch name: clicksmart_moveit, once we finalize the feature it will be checked into development/master branch. To get the Clicksmart work in MoveIt, please use ROS Kinetic. Here is the link to the branch: 1, check out the branch pull the changes to your local branch. 2, run the bash script: to enable clicksmart at MoveIt. Do not forget to run 'rosrun intera_interface' before running the bash script. For the electrical gripper and no gripper, please keep using the command in the tutorial: Will keep you updated, hope this helps! -Shiwei
  2. Shiwei Wang

    Intera Library through ROS

    Hello jorgegalds_DON, Thank you for using Sawyer SDK. If you have any question related with Intera Software but not SDK, please check out another forum: Shiwei
  3. Shiwei Wang

    Individual Joint Impedance Control

    Hi nselby, Thank you for using Sawyer SDK! The circle motion in SDK in achievable, currently, we do not have the example does exactly the same motion as you described. But we will definitely add more corresponding examples in the near future. -Shiwei
  4. Hello, mjpark, We are not able to reproduce your issue, we did verify on the 16.04 machine, everything seems fine. Few suggestions: 1, make sure to have a stable connection between the robot and your workstation. 2, make sure your gripper firmware is updated, if you want to check your gripper firmware and update it, please go to FSM to set it up. 3, make sure your SDK checkout is the latest checkout, you can also recreate a workspace. -Shiwei
  5. Shiwei Wang

    Robot not accepting commands even though it is enabled

    Hello Mdalal, I suggest you set up static IP on your robot FSM since you are using robot hostname in I assume. Also, make sure you are able to get rostopic list and able to get the joint states from the robot before running any example. Hope this helps. -Shiwei
  6. Shiwei Wang

    Sawyer not connecting to ROS

    Hello, jorgegalds_DON, Conti Michele, Enrico Mattei, Sorry for late reply in here, If you are running Intera software, please check out for more information. For SDK, please try to ping your robot from your workstation, make sure ping is working. Also, you can try to set up a static IP on the robot in robot FSM when you use robot hostname in Hope this helps. -Shiwei
  7. Shiwei Wang

    DH parameters for Sawyer

    Hi Asif, Please check out the attached table for more info: joint theta d a alpha 1 q1 0.237 0.081 -1.571 2 q2 0.1925 0 -1.571 3 q3 0.4 0 -1.571 4 q4 -0.1685 0 -1.571 5 q5 0.4 0 -1.571 6 q6 0.1363 0 -1.571 7 q7 0.11 8.08E-07 0 Shiwei
  8. Shiwei Wang

    gazebo simulation not running

    Hi Luke, My recommendation is to remove ros and reinstall everything, make sure to follow the tutorial. You can purge remove the ros kinetic and re- install, let me know if the commands fix your issue. Thank you. -Shiwei $ sudo apt-get purge ros-kinetic-* && sudo apt-get autoremove$ sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-desktop-full
  9. Shiwei Wang

    Which force given by gripper.get_force under SDK mode

    Hi Yayun, Thank you for using Sawyer SDK robot! For your question 'gripper.get_force', it is the force sensed by the gripper in estimated Newtons, the unit is Newton-Meters (N-m). We use electric current to calculate the grippering force for the electrical gripper. Hope this helps. -Shiwei
  10. Shiwei Wang

    gazebo simulation not running

    Hello Ir101095, Thank you for using our Sawyer simulator! Few questions to understanding your issue better: 1. Are you running Ubuntu 16.04, ROS Kinetic? 2. Does your machine meet the minimum specs for data Visualization or Simulation of Sawyer? Please take a look at the post : Thank you. -Shiwei
  11. Shiwei Wang

    Disable collision avoidance for shipping pose

    Hello Raj, To disable self-collision avoidance, a std_msgs/Empty message must be published at a rate greater than 5 Hz. If the command is not working for you, please post the output from the terminal so we can help you resolve the issue better. There are few steps to get the shipping pose, currently, we do not have a script for SDK user to do shipping pose because the pose needs to have collision disabled which may cause the robot hurt itself if a motion happened after. You may be able to command the arm to neutral pose first, move the head to shipping pose, then disable the collision avoidance. After these steps, try to move the arm to the shipping pose. If the robot arm gets stuck while moving to the shipping pose after the collision avoidance disabled, you might need to re-calibrate the arm. Please read the Warning below and find more info at Hope this helps. -Shiwei Warning: RETHINK ROBOTICS DISCLAIMS COMPLIANCE BY THE PRODUCTS WITH ANSI, ISO OR OTHER INDUSTRIAL ROBOT SAFETY STANDARDS. RETHINK’S PRODUCTS INCLUDE CERTAIN SAFETY AND/OR COLLISION DETECTION TECHNOLOGY TO PREVENT POSSIBLE INJURY FROM USE OF THE PRODUCTS. THE USER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT HE/SHE HAS THE ABILITY TO DISABLE CERTAIN SAFETY MECHANISMS INCLUDED IN THE PRODUCTS, AND IF DISABLED BY USER, USER ASSUMES ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE AND/OR HARM CAUSED BY THE PRODUCTS AND AGREES TO INDEMNIFY RETHINK ROBOTICS FROM ALL LIABILITY RELATING TO SUCH DAMAGE OR HARM.
  12. Shiwei Wang

    Example Programs and Custom Programs are not working.

    Hi Sina and Aykut, After you catkin_make the software and ./ command, can you try the command below: rostopic echo /robot/joint_states Are you able to get the joint state? -Shiwei
  13. Shiwei Wang

    Motion Server Controller

    Hello jorgegalds_DON , Once you connected with the robot, please try to echo rostopic joint states to make sure you are able to get the joints data. After the step above, if you are still not able to run example, can you post your terminal output in here? Thanks, -Shiwei
  14. Shiwei Wang

    Intera SDK Version

    Hello Ir101095, There are many ways to get the software version of your SDK software and Intera software version on the robot. The recommended one is: For your SDK checkout, when you clone the code from GitHub, there is a branch info close to the button 'New Pull Request', it will be master branch by default, with the latest SDK release. You can choose to clone previous release version also. For the robot software version, use rosparam to get the software version from your SDK machine after connected to the robot. Hope this helps. -Shiwei
  15. Shiwei Wang

    Active Damping Configuration

    Hello Emmanuel, Thank you for using the interaction control feature! For your question related to damping value, the interface itself is designed not only for the SDK user but also the general user, to avoid confusion we set the default value of damping internally. We calculate and set the value based on stiffness and the damping value will not exceed [8.0, 8.0, 8.0, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5]. We do not provide the interface in SDK but you can send a command to set the damping value, the message file locates at: intera_common/intera_core_msgs/msg/InteractionControlCommand.msg and you can also echo the rostopic to see the value of damping: rostopic echo /robot/limb/right/interaction_controller/state Hope this helps. -Shiwei