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  1. Andreas Moser

    self-collision clicksmart SDK mode moveit

    I get this collision info: but when I add them to the collision list the links are not found.
  2. Andreas Moser

    self-collision clicksmart SDK mode moveit

    Hi, I have a problem with the adjusted clicksmart plate using moveit. i used this repository: I have executed all the commands which are described, but in Rviz l6 is highlighted red and the moveit controller fails everytime. The collition geometry overlapps, so it has to be self-collision. Is there anything else i have to do? Thank you, Andreas
  3. Andreas Moser

    Using Moveit with Clicksmart

    Hi, I had the same problem and proceeded as you described. But now i have a collison of clicksmart and arm, so that MoveIT can't calculate any path. Do I need to modify the URDF? Which commands (Python) are now used to control the clicksmart? Thank you, Andreas
  4. Andreas Moser

    Customized Gripper to URDF

    Hi, for a current application, i would like to use an customized pneumatic gripper. I want to do the path planning with moveIt. For this i need the end gripper in the urdf file so it is visible in the RVIZ. i have already tried to load the necessary xacro file with the send_urdf_fragment function. The function did not give an error message, but the gripper was still not inserted Used code: rosrun intera_interface -f ~/path/right_end_effector.urdf.xacro -l right_hand -j right_gripper_base Is there anything else I need to watch out for? Thank you very much
  5. Andreas Moser

    can't connect with NTPserver

    It works now, thank you.
  6. Andreas Moser

    can't connect with NTPserver

    Hi, i am having problems connection my Sawyer to my local NTP server. When using MoveIt I get the error message that the times of Workstation and Sawyer do not match. Sawyer and workstation are directly connected via Ethernet cable. I followed the instructions from: And i set the NTP Servers in the FSM to Is there anything else I need to configure? Thanks for your help.