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  1. KHLee

    Using Moveit with Clicksmart

    Hi. I want use the sawyer robot with moveit package, to generate obstacle avoid path. The tutorial works perfectky with or without your electric gripper. But with clicksmart, it cann't generate path. I am using this command(There is no options for clicksmart.) $ roslaunch sawyer_moveit_config sawyer_moveit.launch When launch finished, I can see the clicksmart pad at the right_hand link. But after that I tried to generate plan with random position, it failed with this log. How can I launch the sawyer model with clicksmart to use moveit?
  2. KHLee

    Sawyer SDK 5.2 is Now Available

    ClickSmart - Support for the Rethink Robotics ClickSmart family of gripper kits. How can I use ClickSmart? Where can I find the guide for it? Your post told me it was "included", but where? how...?
  3. KHLee

    Use Clicksmart in SDK Mode

    Hi. Recently, I bought the Vacuum Large Gripper Kit and ClickSmart Plate to use and test suctions. I heard that in SDK 5.2.2, I can control ClickSmart Plate but I can't find tutorial for it. Where can I find the tutorial for the ClickSmart Plate?