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I am new to SDK mode for sawyer and am just investigating it at this point.  I am trying to find information on pattern creation.  Currently we are looking at designing a cell for sawyer to stack parts into a pyramid (8 parts on the base, 7 on layer 2, 6 on layer 3, etc).  I am having an extremely hard time creating a robust program in Intera as this pyramid will change with every part (sometimes there will be 8 parts on the base, sometimes 16 or any other number depending on the part size).  What I would like to see is a way to offset the next layer based on x, y, and z coordinates.

thank you for any help you can provide, or any example programs to better help me understand the SDK capability.


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I think it's better to use intera_motion interface. However, it seems the sdk webpage is not maintained anymore.
So if you don't mind looking into the somewhat dirty code,  I'll share my implementation using intera motion interface for palletizing task.
I just uploaded the code @ my git repo. It's the work done when I was a newbie, so pardon for the clumsy code.
If you have questions regarding it, feel free to ask me with using the intera motion interface.

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