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  1. Cheolhui

    Problems with the ROS connection to the Sawyer robot

    You should give the robot static IP address As the network setup figure implies, It is recommended to use the router and set the robot's static address in the same domain to your development PC. In ur case, it could be (Since you mentioned ur ip address is Is it static address or DHCP address ?) If you have any question regarding this, I would like to help you via e-mail ;
  2. Cheolhui

    Array Pattern Questions

    I think it's better to use intera_motion interface. However, it seems the sdk webpage is not maintained anymore. So if you don't mind looking into the somewhat dirty code, I'll share my implementation using intera motion interface for palletizing task. I just uploaded the code @ my git repo. It's the work done when I was a newbie, so pardon for the clumsy code. If you have questions regarding it, feel free to ask me with using the intera motion interface.
  3. Hi, It's a pleasure to hear that Sawyer robot arms are being kept supported! By the way, I have an issue with using ROS topic published by the real Sawyer robot arm. The official SDK doc states that the robot's end-effector is dynamically calibrated so that the URDF for solving robot's IK/FK change when the user attaches/detaches the official electric/pneumatic gripper. However, in my case, the ROS topic named '/robot/limb/right/endpoint_state' is not changing whether I attach/detach the gripper or not. The topic in the simulated environment provided by the Gazebo works well. I really need this feature for the research regarding deep reinforcement learning to utilize the cartesian information for training the neural nets. I guess there's a problem with the connection (though I can run the gripper script in intera_example), or the robot arm is not calibrated with the gripper. I need some help with this issue. Thanks in advance! sincerely, Cheolhiui