Teleoperation on cartesian coordinates


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Hello everyone,


So I wanted to basically join the functions of the scripts and

I want to teleoperate the robot using a cartesian coordinate system and not joint by joint.


I don't know if anyone has had previous experience developing such a controller but all tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

At the moment my question is: can one use the rospy.init_node() for 2 different nodes in the same python script? As each file has a node to make them work (one with the joystick capabilities and the other establishing the cartesian coordinate system)


Thanks in before hand.



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Hi Jorgegalds_DON,

Although a bit late, here is a python script that allow you to move the robot +-x, +-y or +-z (so cartesian coordinate) using the keyboard.
You just did that to get familiar with thnode_sawyer.pye Intera SDK, so it might have some bugs but it worked up to now. It is basicaly adapting the two example and fusing them into one node.

Hope this can help,


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