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  1. jorgegalds_DON

    Set to cartesian

    I wanted to know if there is already a function that takes 3 cartesian points and sends the pose to the robot, like the set_joint_positions() one but for cartesian. I know there is the file but I wanted to do a simpler version of it. Or at least to know what are its components that send the pose. My goal is to have a script that asks repeatedly which axis to increment (x, y or z) and then do so by increments of integers. Thank you for your recommendations.
  2. jorgegalds_DON

    Teleoperation on cartesian coordinates

    Hello everyone, So I wanted to basically join the functions of the scripts and I want to teleoperate the robot using a cartesian coordinate system and not joint by joint. I don't know if anyone has had previous experience developing such a controller but all tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated. At the moment my question is: can one use the rospy.init_node() for 2 different nodes in the same python script? As each file has a node to make them work (one with the joystick capabilities and the other establishing the cartesian coordinate system) Thanks in before hand. Sincerely, Jorge
  3. jorgegalds_DON

    Use MoveIt with Joystick

    Hello, I am trying to use MoveIt connected to a PS3 controller. I found a tutorial explaining this could be possible and it seemed pretty straight forward. But when I launch the joystick_control.launch file I keep on getting an error regarding the "" file apparently. If anyone has any experience on this field I would greatly appreciate any tips. Thanks! -Jorge
  4. jorgegalds_DON

    Gripper Joystick Controller

    The error I get is the following: [ERROR] [1532961792.696895]: bad callback: <bound method PS3Controller._on_joy of <intera_external_devices.joystick.PS3Controller object at 0x7fd0d8f8c110>> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/opt/ros/kinetic/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/rospy/", line 750, in _invoke_callback cb(msg) File "/home/programmer/ros_ws/src/intera_sdk/intera_examples/src/intera_external_devices/", line 257, in _on_joy self._controls['btnLeft'] = (msg.buttons[15] == 1) IndexError: tuple index out of range
  5. jorgegalds_DON

    Gripper Joystick Controller

    Hello everyone, So I was trying to test the Gripper Joystick Controller found at the Intera Examples. I have a PS3 controller and have successfully paired it to my ROS using the ps3/Joy tutorial. But when I follow the Intera tutorial on how to run the program, I am always facing the error "IndexError: tuple index out of range". I know it is not the same nut I tried the Gripper Keyboard example and that one worked perfectly on my Sawyer. If someone has experience running this example I would greatly appreciate the advice. I might also text it using an Xbox 360 controller but I think it should be working as it is because the connection is stable with the PS3 one. Thanks in advance for any advice. -Jorge
  6. jorgegalds_DON

    Motion Server Controller

    Hello, I am using the robot today and successfully established a connection. But when I try to run the intera examples non work. For the ones that involved movement I got a message saying that I was not connected to the motion server controller. I'd like to know if there is a way of fixing this issue. I am thinking of a complete OS re-installation as other packages gave me trouble too but would to show test the examples before doing so. Thanks for the advice.
  7. jorgegalds_DON

    Sawyer not connecting to ROS

    I ran the ifconfig command to check what was the actual name of the ethernet connection (as it was different from eth0). With the correct name, I ran the sudo avahi-autoipd [eth name] on a separate terminal window and left it running on the background. After this, I completed the "Hello Robot" tutorial without a problem.
  8. jorgegalds_DON

    Intera Library through ROS

    Is there a way to have access to the library of programs, saved in intera, through ROS? These programs are saved in the Sawyer's computer right? So I wanted to know if they can be accessed somehow.
  9. jorgegalds_DON

    Access head display with HTML

    I would like to access the current image of my Sawyer head screen through an HTML file. Basically, to show the display on the web application. Is there an already stated procedure to get access to the head display?
  10. jorgegalds_DON

    Change Sawyer 'eyes'

    Wanted to know if there is a way to change the 'eyes' image for a pre selected image when booting in the SDK mode.
  11. jorgegalds_DON

    Sawyer not connecting to ROS

    I followed the steps on networking from the intera website and tried to run the examples. But when I tried to, the message of "unable to communicate with master" always appeared. The file has been correctly updated and don't know what other approach to take. Any extra packages that need to be downloaded / steps to take other than the ones described in the website?