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Found 3 results

  1. jorgegalds_DON

    Teleoperation on cartesian coordinates

    Hello everyone, So I wanted to basically join the functions of the scripts and I want to teleoperate the robot using a cartesian coordinate system and not joint by joint. I don't know if anyone has had previous experience developing such a controller but all tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated. At the moment my question is: can one use the rospy.init_node() for 2 different nodes in the same python script? As each file has a node to make them work (one with the joystick capabilities and the other establishing the cartesian coordinate system) Thanks in before hand. Sincerely, Jorge
  2. jorgegalds_DON

    Set to cartesian

    I wanted to know if there is already a function that takes 3 cartesian points and sends the pose to the robot, like the set_joint_positions() one but for cartesian. I know there is the file but I wanted to do a simpler version of it. Or at least to know what are its components that send the pose. My goal is to have a script that asks repeatedly which axis to increment (x, y or z) and then do so by increments of integers. Thank you for your recommendations.
  3. FrederikEbert

    Cartesian Impedance Controller for Sawyer

    Has anybody implemented a cartesian space impedance controller for Sawyer? Ideallly I would like to have a controller module which accepts desired transforms to a desired cartesian endeffector position and "attaches" a virtual spring-damper system between the endeffector and that specified cartesian position. In addition to that one would need a way to specify the nullspace configuration. Thank you.