How to read the force put on Sawyer by SDK mode


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Hi All,

I want to use SDK mode to read the forces put on Sawyer for real time. Do you have any ideas? I know that in Intera, there is a module called "Shared data", from which you can read the forces in x,y,z direction. But how can we output those data using some functions from SDK mode? Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks!



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Hi Yayun,

With regards to your first question:  "I want to know the type of rostopic: motor_control_msgs/TorqueData and how I can get it":
Unfortunately, access is not given to motor_control_msgs, as that package's messages are only used internally.

For the second question: "read forces in x,y,z direction in SDK mode":
I recommend you to echo the topic: /robot/limb/right/endpoint_state, it will give you the x,y,z force and torque wrenches projected into Cartesian endpoint frame forces.


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