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  1. robotcontrol

    Model of the Force Sensor

    What is the model of the force sensor in Sawyer? Or is it custom made?
  2. robotcontrol

    How to read the force put on Sawyer by SDK mode

    Hi All, All in all, I want to know the type of rostopic: motor_control_msgs/TorqueData and how I can get it . Thanks! Thanks, Yayun
  3. Hi All, I want to use SDK mode to read the forces put on Sawyer for real time. Do you have any ideas? I know that in Intera, there is a module called "Shared data", from which you can read the forces in x,y,z direction. But how can we output those data using some functions from SDK mode? Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks! Thanks, Yayun
  4. Hi All, I am sorry to bother but recently I am trying to figure out which force the gripper.get_force gives us under the SDK mode. Since gripper.get_force will give us just a number so I wonder what this number means. I read some materials given by Rethink Robotics and they say that the force is computed from the torque at "some" joint so I wonder about whether you have some documents telling us how you compute the overall force given by torques from joints. I would really appreciate it if you could spend some time replying and sharing your ideas. Thanks! Thanks, Yayun
  5. robotcontrol

    Arm Forces

    I have the same problem actually. Let me know if you figure it out. Thanks!