Which force given by gripper.get_force under SDK mode


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Hi All,

I am sorry to bother but recently I am trying to figure out which force the gripper.get_force gives us under the SDK mode. Since gripper.get_force will give us just a number so I wonder what this number means. I read some materials given by Rethink Robotics and they say that the force is computed from the torque at "some" joint so I wonder about whether you have some documents telling us how you compute the overall force given by torques from joints. I would really appreciate it if you could spend some time replying and sharing your ideas. Thanks!



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Hi Yayun,

Thank you for using Sawyer SDK robot!

For your question 'gripper.get_force', it is the force sensed by the gripper in estimated Newtons, the unit is Newton-Meters (N-m).

We use electric current to calculate the grippering force for the electrical gripper.

Hope this helps.



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