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I'm trying to set the interaction control frame using "InteractionOptions" python API.

No matter how I change the end_point_frame and interaction_frame items in InteractionOptions object I cannot change the frame.

Essentially I am trying to change the tool center point location so the interaction control is about a different point. Consider the gif below:

I would like to do what this .gif does except rotate about a different point ideally offset about the tool frame. How do I do this with code?

Here is a code snippet of my failed attempt:

from geometry_msgs.msg import Pose
from intera_motion_interface import (

interaction_frame = Pose()

interaction_frame.position.x = 0.0
interaction_frame.position.y = 0.0
interaction_frame.position.z = 0.1
interaction_frame.orientation.w = 1
interaction_frame.orientation.x = 0
interaction_frame.orientation.y = 0
interaction_frame.orientation.z = 0


I've highlighted the change I would like to do to the frame - offset the tool center point by 10 cm along the z axis w.r.t the 'right_hand' frame. How do I get this to happen?


Thanks for all your help!


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Hey I am glad that you are exploring different ways to define interaction behaviors! :)

My short and quick answer is that currently SDK 5.2 does not support translating the tool center point where impedance behavior is defined. To give you a bit of context on why, it is not a simple issue since our maximum impedance values will change depending on where tool center point is in order to maintain the stability of the system, so at the time when we worked on 5.2 features we did support that.

However, we now have it enabled in our software developer's build (you can translate the tool center point upto 50cm, yay!), but it won't be available to you until SDK 5.4 release. I would have to ask you wait patiently until that happens (hopefully it will be by the end of this year). Your patience will be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, you can try to create your desired behavior with tool center point at the tool plate.. Sorry.


-- Andy

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Hi Andy,

I have another question,

Can I still set the orientation of the impedance behavior wrt the base frame? Right now it is wrt the tool frame. If I can, how do I do this?



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