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  1. Guru

    set tool center point for interaction control

    Hi Andy, I have another question, Can I still set the orientation of the impedance behavior wrt the base frame? Right now it is wrt the tool frame. If I can, how do I do this? Thanks! Guru
  2. Guru

    set tool center point for interaction control

    Hi Andy, Thanks for getting back to me. We will try to work around this and wait for SDK 5.4's release. Thanks! Guru
  3. Hi Rethink and others! First off, the impedance control released in intera 5.2 is great performance wise! I think this post is relevant to this topic. I would like to set the tool center point for interaction control. Any help would be awesome. P.S. I also found that trying the demo along with interaction control caused jerky behavior. I didn't play around with it too much because my current application doesn't require real-time control however in the future this would be necessary. Maybe a simple interface which allows commanding the robot position and 6 axis impedance/force all at the same time would be useful instead of two different messages. If the controller could account for the absence of velocity and acceleration messages and prevent jerky behavior, that would be great too. Thanks! Guru
  4. Guru

    Sawyer Arm Fast IK

    Hi! I got this working. Here is ikfast and the moveit plugin. The trick is to set link 0 as the free link when creating the ikfast analytical solution. Don't do the rounding step. If you've gone though the tutorial on Moveit, you'll understand what I am talking about. If you have any questions, just ask. Thanks! Guru sawyer_ikfast_right_arm_plugin.tar.gz
  5. Hi! I'm trying to set the interaction control frame using "InteractionOptions" python API. No matter how I change the end_point_frame and interaction_frame items in InteractionOptions object I cannot change the frame. Essentially I am trying to change the tool center point location so the interaction control is about a different point. Consider the gif below: I would like to do what this .gif does except rotate about a different point ideally offset about the tool frame. How do I do this with code? Here is a code snippet of my failed attempt: from geometry_msgs.msg import Pose from intera_motion_interface import ( MotionTrajectory, MotionWaypoint, MotionWaypointOptions, InteractionOptions) interaction_options.set_in_endpoint_frame(False) interaction_options.set_endpoint_name('right_hand') interaction_options.set_disable_damping_in_force_control(False) interaction_options.set_rotations_for_constrained_zeroG(True) interaction_frame = Pose() interaction_frame.position.x = 0.0 interaction_frame.position.y = 0.0 interaction_frame.position.z = 0.1 interaction_frame.orientation.w = 1 interaction_frame.orientation.x = 0 interaction_frame.orientation.y = 0 interaction_frame.orientation.z = 0 interaction_options.set_interaction_frame(interaction_frame) I've highlighted the change I would like to do to the frame - offset the tool center point by 10 cm along the z axis w.r.t the 'right_hand' frame. How do I get this to happen? Thanks for all your help! Guru
  6. Guru

    Gazebo Support?

    I'm having a similar issue. The example: rosrun intera_examples -q 0 -0.8 0 1.6 0 0.8 0 doesn't seem to work for me.
  7. Guru

    Gazebo Support?

    I'm having a similar issue. The example: rosrun intera_examples -q 0 -0.8 0 1.6 0 0.8 0 doesn't seem to work for me.
  8. Guru

    Sawyer SDK 5.2 is Now Available

    Hi Everyone, I've tried to use the Gazebo simulator and the example in the interaction control tutorial: rosrun intera_examples -q 0 -0.8 0 1.6 0 0.8 0 I get the following error: [ERROR] [1523018443.139539, 109.682000]: Timed out waiting for Motion Controller Server to connect. Check your ROS networking and/or reboot the robot. [ERROR] [1523018443.765130, 109.689000]: Trajectory FAILED to send! However this example works: rosrun intera_examples Why doesn't this example work? Is the "Motion Control " and "Interaction Control" implemented on the simulated robot in Gazebo? If not, what functionality is implemented on both the physical robot and simulated robot in Gazebo? It would be nice to use the same code in both places. Thanks! Guru