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Found 2 results

  1. Padiolleau Guillaume

    Arm jumps when turning on interaction control

    Hello, I experiment some jumps when turning on interaction option. Even when low impedance command, the arm jumps when I send interaction command. Is there any mean to avoid this behaviour ? Thanks, Guillaume Padiolleau
  2. Hi! I'm trying to set the interaction control frame using "InteractionOptions" python API. No matter how I change the end_point_frame and interaction_frame items in InteractionOptions object I cannot change the frame. Essentially I am trying to change the tool center point location so the interaction control is about a different point. Consider the gif below: I would like to do what this .gif does except rotate about a different point ideally offset about the tool frame. How do I do this with code? Here is a code snippet of my failed attempt: from geometry_msgs.msg import Pose from intera_motion_interface import ( MotionTrajectory, MotionWaypoint, MotionWaypointOptions, InteractionOptions) interaction_options.set_in_endpoint_frame(False) interaction_options.set_endpoint_name('right_hand') interaction_options.set_disable_damping_in_force_control(False) interaction_options.set_rotations_for_constrained_zeroG(True) interaction_frame = Pose() interaction_frame.position.x = 0.0 interaction_frame.position.y = 0.0 interaction_frame.position.z = 0.1 interaction_frame.orientation.w = 1 interaction_frame.orientation.x = 0 interaction_frame.orientation.y = 0 interaction_frame.orientation.z = 0 interaction_options.set_interaction_frame(interaction_frame) I've highlighted the change I would like to do to the frame - offset the tool center point by 10 cm along the z axis w.r.t the 'right_hand' frame. How do I get this to happen? Thanks for all your help! Guru