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Hi all,

I would like to use the sawyer robot in an multi master ROS environment where the sawyer and a turtlebot communicate with each other and share topics.

However, I can't seem to get the multi master mode running on the sawyer. There might be some service missing on the sawyers side.

Is multi master operation possible with sawyer and if yes, how do I set it up?



Thanks and best regards


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Hi Fynn,


Multi-master communication is not a standard ROS feature. Each Sawyer robot needs to be running its own ROS master to function properly. However, your SDK workstation can coordinate between multiple robots' ROS Masters using one of several "multi-master" ROS community projects:
We have also seen RobotRaconteur used to successfully coordinate between multiple Baxters (very similar to controlling multiple Sawyers), as can be seen in this youtube video:
I have not used any of these libraries directly, and cannot speak to the level of coordination they can achieve between multiple ROS robots, but it seems with some configuration and a bit of development work, you can achieve communication between two Sawyer robots. Generally speaking, multi-robot collaboration is an issue the larger ROS community is attempting to wrangle, and I imagine you would find a fair amount of support from the ROS community through and the ROS forum on
I hope this information is helpful in your research.
~ Ian



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