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  1. Fynn

    Joint Trajectory Action Server Error

    Hi Ian, this ROS_IP is not the issue. This is the IP of the workstation and it worked without any problems before the turtlebot connection. just in case I changed the scripts to use the your_hostname variable, but this did not solve the issue. The joint_trajectory_action_server still throws this error message and hangs in the process. The turtlebot also never was a ROS_Master. It is connected to the sawyer as a slave, so there are no conflicting Masters in one network. Could this error originate from a hardware malfunction?
  2. Fynn

    Joint Trajectory Action Server Error

    Hi Ian, thanks for your quick reply. This is the ouput of env | grep ROS: ROS_ROOT=/opt/ros/indigo/share/ros ROS_PACKAGE_PATH=/home/sawyer/ros_ws/src:/opt/ros/indigo/share:/opt/ros/indigo/stacks ROS_MASTER_URI=http://021606CP00055.local:11311 ROSLISP_PACKAGE_DIRECTORIES=/home/sawyer/ros_ws/devel/share/common-lisp __ROS_PROMPT=1 ROS_DISTRO=indigo ROS_IP= ROS_ETC_DIR=/opt/ros/indigo/etc/ros The Sawyer and my workstation are in the same network via Ethernet cable. The turtlebot is in the network via WIFI, but I am pretty sure it is not a ROS master. If that is the only possible solution, then I will double check, but the trajectory action server still doesn't work even if the turtlebot is turned off... Best, Fynn
  3. Hi all, I was setting up a project with the sawyer robot with moveit. In order to plan and execute paths, I need the joint_trajectory_action_server running. At first, everything worked like a charm. But when a turtlebot was in the same ROS network. I first encountered the following error: rosrun intera_interface joint_trajectory_action_server.py [INFO] [WallTime: 1528730135.036736] Initializing joint trajectory action server... Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/sawyer/ros_ws/src/intera_sdk/intera_interface/scripts/joint_trajectory_action_server.py", line 101, in <module> main() File "/home/sawyer/ros_ws/src/intera_sdk/intera_interface/scripts/joint_trajectory_action_server.py", line 97, in main start_server(args.limb, args.rate, args.mode, valid_limbs) File "/home/sawyer/ros_ws/src/intera_sdk/intera_interface/scripts/joint_trajectory_action_server.py", line 58, in start_server jtas.append(JointTrajectoryActionServer(limb, dyn_cfg_srv, rate, mode)) File "/home/sawyer/ros_ws/src/intera_sdk/intera_interface/src/intera_joint_trajectory_action/joint_trajectory_action.py", line 64, in __init__ self._cuff = intera_interface.Cuff(limb=limb) File "/home/sawyer/ros_ws/src/intera_sdk/intera_interface/src/intera_interface/cuff.py", line 48, in __init__ timeout_msg=("Failed find cuff on limb '{0}'.".format(limb)) File "/home/sawyer/ros_ws/src/intera_sdk/intera_interface/src/intera_dataflow/wait_for.py", line 42, in wait_for raise OSError(errno.ETIMEDOUT, timeout_msg) OSError: [Errno 110] Failed find cuff on limb 'right'. I am not sure if the turtlebot was the problem. But now, the action server always throws this error and is not even exiting properly. Its in an infinite loop and there is no way I can stop it except killing the process. As far as I could tell, the action_server is waiting for a reply from the cuff state of sawyer, but this publisher is not sending any data. Has anybody encountered this problem? Thanks and best regards Fynn
  4. Fynn

    Sawyer SDK ROS multi master mode

    Any response to this topic? Seems a bit unfortunate, that nobody can answer, since ROS multi master is a huge feature...
  5. Fynn

    Sawyer SDK ROS multi master mode

    Could this be moved to the other forum? I just noticed, that all SDK related topics are posted there...
  6. Hi all, I would like to use the sawyer robot in an multi master ROS environment where the sawyer and a turtlebot communicate with each other and share topics. However, I can't seem to get the multi master mode running on the sawyer. There might be some service missing on the sawyers side. Is multi master operation possible with sawyer and if yes, how do I set it up? Thanks and best regards Fynn