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  1. Pat McGrath

    Sawyer SDK ROS multi master mode

    Moving over to the SDK forum! Thanks Flynn
  2. Pat McGrath

    Sawyer CAD Model

    Update - please note that we recently began hosting all Sawyer CAD files on the Downloads tab of this Intera Forum. Please see Downloads for access to this information.
  3. Pat McGrath

    Camera Configuration Failed

    HI Senaa, Sorry to hear you are having this issue. This is likely a hardware or connection issue on either of the two embedded cameras. I'll take this off-line from the forum and troubleshoot with you. pat
  4. Pat McGrath

    Stuck In FSM (camera_config failure)

    Just circling back to close the loop with the community. These two cases appear to be hardware issues, so we took them off line. Should you run into similar behavior on your Sawyer, feel free to contact us at for additional troubleshooting
  5. Pat McGrath

    Stuck In FSM (camera_config failure)

    Hi Nick, As this may be a hardware issue, I will take it offline and work with you on next steps and post the results back to the forum after we get to a root cause. I will send you a note shortly. Thanks, Pat