Sawyer will not boot


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The error you are seeing is a secure Boot error, I have had this happen in linux before i would recommend is burning a external copy of linux on to a flash drive, then changing the boot order to your flash drive, then go into your bios and turn off secure boot. Then shutting down the computer and unplugging your flashdrive. I would recommend turning back on secure boot if you are worried about security. If you can't get into the bios then pull the cmos battery out for 10 minutes, (might not be a bad idea to replace the cmos battery as well since its a used robot)

From Bradley (mechanical engineering student)

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On 11/13/2022 at 2:17 AM, chaim said:

I'm having the same issue with my sawyer 

what did you do to fix it in the end?

I had a similar issue to this on my robot. My solution ended up being replacing the SSD along with a fresh install of Intera on the SSD

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I think i have the same problem. The robot won't boot, and if i want to make a factory reset it states:
"... failed to read key data"
Is it possible to get an new image or SSD, and if yes, how do i install Intera on the SSD.

It would be nice to get some help.

Kind regards

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Fontys-ICT(Eindhoven) [How-To] Fixing NOT BOOTING / FAILED TO READ KEY DATA issues with the Sawyer robot

I encountered the same issue, and after extensive research, we were able to resolve it.

I won't bore you with all the things we looked into, such as encrypted file systems, but I will provide you with the solution directly.

Underlying cause: The CMOS battery is dead, causing the BIOS to lose its real-time clock and other settings. Solution: Replace the CMOS battery, set the BIOS clock, restart a few times, and use the Shift-R and Shift-F keys to access the menu where you can restore the factory image.

Make sure you have a mouse and USB keyboard handy. An additional screen with HDMI may also be useful, as there are two HDMI outputs on the PC, and not all information is displayed on the small screen. (That's how I remember it, but I could be mistaken.)

Label all cables correctly, as there are several UTP cables, with multiple network interfaces, and they need to be placed back in the exact same position.

The CMOS battery is located in the DELL PC, which you'll need to remove entirely. I even had to cut a wire that came through a ventilation grille.

There are also two jumpers on the mainboard for secure boot/disable and another one for Clear/CMOS (unfortunately, I didn't take a photo).

We did not have to enter the password in the "setup unlock", I also have no idea what the password is, or how to find it.

I hope this helps anyone experiencing similar issues with their Sawyer robot!

Greetings from Eindhoven, Edwin van den Oetelaar and Kris.









Edited by Edwin OETELX
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