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    Sawyer will not boot

    The error you are seeing is a secure Boot error, I have had this happen in linux before i would recommend is burning a external copy of linux on to a flash drive, then changing the boot order to your flash drive, then go into your bios and turn off secure boot. Then shutting down the computer and unplugging your flashdrive. I would recommend turning back on secure boot if you are worried about security. If you can't get into the bios then pull the cmos battery out for 10 minutes, (might not be a bad idea to replace the cmos battery as well since its a used robot) From Bradley (mechanical engineering student)
  2. Bradcool22

    Baxter showing Linux screen

    The first thing i would try is replacing the cmos battery on the motherboard if your robot has been unpluged for 5 years its going to need a new cmos battery. Leave the battery out of the robot for about 20 minutes. Then i would look for a cmos jumper this should clear out any bios passwords then you should be able to run the setup. let me know if this works. From Bradley (Mechanical engineering student)