Issues with robot/endpoint_state topic


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Hi, It's a pleasure to hear that Sawyer robot arms are being kept supported! 

By the way, I have an issue with using ROS topic published by the real Sawyer robot arm.

The official SDK doc states that the robot's end-effector is dynamically calibrated so that the URDF for solving robot's IK/FK change 

when the user attaches/detaches the official electric/pneumatic gripper.

However, in my case, the ROS topic named '/robot/limb/right/endpoint_state' is not changing whether I attach/detach the gripper or not.

The topic in the simulated environment provided by the Gazebo works well.

I really need this feature for the research regarding deep reinforcement learning to utilize the cartesian information for training the neural nets.

I guess there's a problem with the connection (though I can run the gripper script in intera_example), or the robot arm is not calibrated with the gripper.

I need some help with this issue.

Thanks in advance!



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