MoveIt no work with my sawyer


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Hi everyone!

i am trying to move my robot with MoveIt, but i can´t do.

if i try to move my robot with intera_examples, it work perfect.

But i would like to move by MoveIt because this tool can help you to do trayectories robot easier.

i have followed the tutorial, but when i plan the trayectory and after that execute i have some warnings :

-1 warning :  No trasform avaible between frame 'reference/right_gripper_r_finger_tip' and planning frame '/base' (could not find a connection between 'base' and 'reference/right_gripper_r_finger' because they are not part of the same tree. Tf has two or more unconnected trees)

/// I think this warning no is a problem

-2 warning: Interactive marker 'EE_goal_right_gripper_tip' contains unnormalized quaternios 

-3 warning: Didn´t received robot state (joint angles) with recent timestamp within 1 seconds. check clok synchronization if your are running ROS across multiple machines! failed to fetch current robot states

failed to validate trajectory_ couldn`t receive full current joint state within 1s

// i think that it is teh problem, but i can fix it, anyone can help me???

or someone have the same problem or can anyone say me how can work with moveit and sawyer??



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