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  1. In my case, when i use joint_states:=/robot/joint_states to remap it's work.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm trying to do motion planning pipeline with moveIt in my Sawyer but there are only tutorials in c++ by MoveIt!, when i run this tutorial i have a error with systaxis (but i'm sure that it's okay). do anyone some code or tutorial about it in python? or do anyone know if i need to do anything to copile code in c++? can anyone help me? thanks a lot!
  3. saracasao

    C++ MoveIt Demo for Sawyer

    Hi! i´m trying to do motion planning pipeline but there only is tutorial in C++, Did you get some demo in c++ ? Thanks!!
  4. saracasao

    MoveIt no work with my sawyer

    Hi again! I found solution It didn´t work beacuse i need a NTPserver to synchronize every machines. ( I connect every machines throught switch- no internet)
  5. saracasao

    MoveIt no work with my sawyer

    Hi everyone! i am trying to move my robot with MoveIt, but i can´t do. if i try to move my robot with intera_examples, it work perfect. But i would like to move by MoveIt because this tool can help you to do trayectories robot easier. i have followed the tutorial, but when i plan the trayectory and after that execute i have some warnings : -1 warning : No trasform avaible between frame 'reference/right_gripper_r_finger_tip' and planning frame '/base' (could not find a connection between 'base' and 'reference/right_gripper_r_finger' because they are not part of the same tree. Tf has two or more unconnected trees) /// I think this warning no is a problem -2 warning: Interactive marker 'EE_goal_right_gripper_tip' contains unnormalized quaternios -3 warning: Didn´t received robot state (joint angles) with recent timestamp within 1 seconds. check clok synchronization if your are running ROS across multiple machines! failed to fetch current robot states failed to validate trajectory_ couldn`t receive full current joint state within 1s // i think that it is teh problem, but i can fix it, anyone can help me??? or someone have the same problem or can anyone say me how can work with moveit and sawyer??
  6. saracasao

    Cannot Control Sawyer using SDK

    I think you have a problem of communicate between Robot and your computer. the first time i try it like you, after that i can get the date like angles, force etc, but when i try to move my robot, it not work. So, i had to correct my communicate and after that it work. (if you can do ping <hostname.local> and your computer, it will have to work)
  7. saracasao

    Issues with intera examples

    i fixed this problem, i´ve connect to robot by Hostname and it work.
  8. saracasao

    Issues with intera examples

    I've been able to connect to robot by IP, also i get rostopic < echo /robot/joint_states> succesfull but when I'm trying to do -> [intera -] civ@civ-VirtualBox:~/ros_ws$ rosrun intera_examples Initializing node... Getting robot state... Enabling robot... [INFO] [1546511493.727429]: Robot Enabled Running. Ctrl-c to quit the robot no moving, it doesn't do anything. i think that the problem is when robot have to do this --> self._limb.move_to_neutral() or limb.move_to_joint_positions(angles), the robot don't move when i send this comand anyone can help me! please !