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Live Fuglum

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Hi Live,

You will need an external air supply.  The vacuum grippers sold by Rethink Robotics include vacuum generators so standard out blowing air will work but you will need to supply the air as the robot does not have an internal compressor.  

In addition, the robot components use 6mm air hoses and connections.  If you have a 12mm hose, you may need an adapter to connect to the 6mm components.  

Finally, we recommend using 60-90psi.

Best Regards,

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Hi Aurora,

How are you controlling the valves?  If the gripper is able to pick a part, it sounds like the vale is working but there may be an issue with how you are controlling the valve in the software.  Please provide more information about the gripper you are using and how you are commanding the valve.


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Hi Don, Aurora and Fuglum,

Would it be possible to know how you are controlling the valves using the intera SDK? python? want are the class and commands you are using?
Is it using the DigitalIO class? and using the set_output(self, value, timeout=2.0) method?

Thanks :)

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