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  1. Don Spear

    J5 joint locked to a fixed position

    Hi Tao, It is possible that there is a hardware issue with the robot. I recommend you download the log files from the robot and send them to along with the serial number of your robot and the description of the issue. Best, Don
  2. Don Spear

    Change Sawyer 'eyes'

    Hello, While you cannot change the default image that appears while the system is booting, you can modify the image on the screen using the example detailed in the link below. Best, Don
  3. Don Spear

    IO ROS topics of the internal MOXA?(SDK 5.1)

    Hi Everyone, The MOXA IO device cannot currently be access in the SDK (5.2.2). My apologies for the inconvenience, this request has been passed along to our internal team. Best, Don
  4. Don Spear

    SDK developements certification

    Hi Manuel, Reina is a US based employee so the country code would be +1. Best Regards, Don
  5. Don Spear

    Where is end effector settings in Intera 5.2

    In case anyone else is struggling to find this:
  6. Don Spear

    Sawyer SDK 5.2 is Now Available

    Yes, you can simulate movements without connecting to a physical robot.
  7. Don Spear

    Air supply, Vacuum gripper

    Hi Aurora, How are you controlling the valves? If the gripper is able to pick a part, it sounds like the vale is working but there may be an issue with how you are controlling the valve in the software. Please provide more information about the gripper you are using and how you are commanding the valve. Best, Don
  8. Hi Junchao, The screen you are seeing is expect. The robot will remain at this screen forever unless a ROS command is sent to change the display image. Once this screen appears, you can begin sending commands to the robot via a workstation. Best, Don
  9. Don Spear

    Air supply, Vacuum gripper

    Do you encounter the same issue with the other valve? The holes you reference should not be plugged as these are exhaust ports.
  10. Don Spear

    Bar code reader

    Hi Ken, This functionality is not currently available. Best, Don
  11. Don Spear

    Air supply, Vacuum gripper

    Can you please provide pictures showing what you have and where the issues are present?
  12. Don Spear

    Air supply, Vacuum gripper

    Hi Live, You will need an external air supply. The vacuum grippers sold by Rethink Robotics include vacuum generators so standard out blowing air will work but you will need to supply the air as the robot does not have an internal compressor. In addition, the robot components use 6mm air hoses and connections. If you have a 12mm hose, you may need an adapter to connect to the 6mm components. Finally, we recommend using 60-90psi. Best Regards, Don
  13. Don Spear

    Robot Storage

    Hi Senaa, This is possible if you boot into Intera. You can select the shipping pose option to shut down. Best, Don
  14. Don Spear

    Move two different kinds of objects

    Hi Live, Are you using the SDK or are you programming via the Intera software? Thank you, Don
  15. Don Spear

    How to control vacuum gripper in SDK 5.1?

    Hi Shawn, The Intera 5.1 SDK does not currently support the use of the vacuum gripper. Best, Don