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Hi everyone,

i would like to program the sawyer on intera- sdk. I create a virtual machine with ubuntu 14.04.05 LTS. 

To ping the staticle ip of the controller from the virtual machine is possible but i cant ping the hostname of the controller (ping hostname.lokal).

Is there a special setting necessary for the vm- solution? Or is it not possible to connect to the robot with a vm?




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Rethink Robotics does not support the use of the VM.  While a few users have done this in the past, many users have had communication and networking issues.

If you plan to set up your workstation as a virtual machine, Rethink Robotics support may not be able to assist if you are having issue communicating with the robot.

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Hi mhohenaecker,

Yes, it's possible to use a Ubuntu VM and stablish communication.

   1. You have to use a Bridged network for the VM, not the NAT. When I used NAT I coud use  ping qith an IP but not the  hostname. On the Ubuntu machine, you have to edit the actual connection and in the tab IPv4 settings option, select only local link.

   2. Maybe you have to select on the robot the <seriaNumber>.local identification mode,  I don't remember very well if that was mandatory. You will have to acces the FSM Menu, connect a USB keyboard and pressing ctr+alt+F when sawyer is starting :

ROS Naming Type - Change how the master publishes node locations

Options are:
  • ROS_IP
  • ROS_HOSTNAME.local

 Good Lock !



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