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I have followed the tutorial for the workstation setup but I can't stablish communication with the robot.

I can do ping "169.254.xx.yy" and open the intera software by means of chrome navigator.

I have the with :

        - robot_hostname = "<serialNumber>.local"

       - your_ip = ""

and when I execute the script and the command " env | grep ROS " I get among other things :

    ROS_MASTER_URI = http://<serialNumber>.local : 11311.

 If I ping <serialNumber>.local  he says to me : Unknown port.

 If I use : avahi-browse -a -r I get only the Ubuntu.local hostname, none robot hostname.

  However, the ping 169.254.xx.yy that sawyer provide to me still working.

  What could be the problem ? any clue ?

 Thanks. jm

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Hi Jose,

Sawyer actually has two different boot modes: Intera Manufacturing and Intera SDK. The fact that you were able to open the Intera Software in Chrome leads me to think you have booted into the Manufacturing software stack. If you want to communicate over ROS, you will need to boot into the SDK stack as this is the only mode where the firewall ports for ROS are open. Please see the FSM wiki page for info on booting into the SDK. Additionally, you can follow the latter portion of the software update procedure to get you back into SDK mode. Hope this helps!

~ Ian

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Yes, you was right. I always started in the intera manufacturing mode.

Now I have started in the SDK ( There is a black screen with the logo and SAWYER SDK text ), but still having same problem.

Of course, I can't open the intera software in the navigator, but I still can do a ping to the address although  not to the <SerialNumber>.local.

I am using the number serial of the controller, which I get  from the info screen.

Also ( :

       1. if I execute " rostopic list" he says " ERROR : Unable to communicate with Master" .

       2. If execute "avahi-browse -a -r" I only see Ubuntu.local adress, no robot address.

       ( before execute the ./ script )

What can I test now ? any idea ?



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In the FSM menu I changed the identification mode. Instead using <serialNumber>.local, I choose IP number, modified the script, and now seems that it works. At least it shows a list when I write rostopic list.The reason ? I don't know.

Now I'm trying to show something a little more interesting, like showing a image from the camera. I wrote rosrun intera_examples and I get what you can see in the screenshot. That means I have connection ? The failure is because there is not real connection or because I have to do something more with the python scripts ?






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Hello Don,

Now is working with the right hand camera, thank you.  finally I can assure that I have the robot connected :)

Only a few comments by if can help someone:

    1. I have python2 and Python3 installed. I had to write :

                        #! /usr/bin/env python2

         to choose python 2 because with python 3 does not work.

    2. I had to change a timeout to give more time to the initialization. I used the wait_for function with 50 seconds instead 1, because seems very slow.

        As you can see in the screenshot, the error with the head camera is different. Now it says to me that can't do streaming


 As conclusion, ¿ Is possible to use the head camera with de intera sdk or not ?





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