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Gripper failed to calibrate

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In our lab we have the Baxter two finger gripper attached to a Sawyer.

In the past couple of weeks , using the example in the intera_examples (from the intera_sdk ROS packages, ) has been throwing the following error : "Calibration failed.".


It is unclear why this has started happening after a couple of years of operation without issue.

This is a problem because we then cannot use the gripper (The error happens in any script when instantiating the Gripper class in the intera python api for the first time :  ).

We noticed that running the over and over again generally results with it finally working after some time. Moreover, once it works, then it is not a problem again until the robot is rebooted.

Any ideas what could be happening or how we could fix this? We are starting to suspect a hardware malfunction.

Many thanks

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