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Is it possible to expose the implementation of the JTAS server that runs on the controller machine?

I was a bit confused about how it handles trajectory messages. Some of the questions were:

1. What is the difference between the trajectory mode defined under the section JOINT_CONTROL_MODE: http://sdk.rethinkrobotics.com/intera/Arm_Control_Systems,  and the "Inverse Dynamics Feed Forward Position Mode (position_wid)" defined in the JTAS section.

2. Does the JTAS internally use a physical model of the robot to compute joint torques?

3. What JOINT_CONTROL_MODES (position, velocity, trajectory, effort)  are used for each of the JTAS modes (position velocity position_w_id)?

Any pointers would be helpful. 



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Answering my own question here:

JTAS implementation is here:


for any given position, velocity and acceleration jtas simply uses the trajectory joint control mode and doesn't seem to be doing any additional computation for inverse dynamics. It does however handle interpolation between trajectory waypoints. If there is any inverse dynamics computation going on its probably at the realtime control loop on the sawyer control machine.

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