Problem encountered with the PLG gripper installation


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 I was working on the pneumatic gripper installation for a few days but failed to troubleshoot the issue. 

Attached is the screenshot of my intera studio to test the gripper installation. It is observed the indicator on the robot arm was blinking alternatively indicating the successful send of the true/false gripper signal output from the computer to the robot, but the gripper does not open/close at all. 

I have tried changing the valve regulators to various poeitions, but neither seems to make the gripper move. The position sensor and indicator for indicating the gripper states are working fine, so I think it maybe caused by the malfunctioning of the actuating unit, in which case, the valve and the pneumatic actuator. 

I also attached the image of the gripper, and the link for the video showing the blinking indicator when I run the program on the intera studio:

Could anyone help me to identify the issue and possible ways to resolve it?  

Thanks so much!




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