Pedestal column moves


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We have the Sawyer installed on the standard pedestal.

We noticed that during fast motions involving joint J0, the pedestal column rotates about its axis (yaws) a few degrees as the robot comes to a halt.

This seems like unexpected behavior? Please suggest possible actions we should take to prevent the above from happening.


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Hi Sid,

Yes, this can happen if the threaded rods that secure the pedestal column are loose.  I recommend taking the robot off the pedestal, then tightening the 2 nuts there to at least 30Nm.  You can tighten them even further as long as you don't exceed 180Nm.  You may also want to remove them and apply some thread locking (like Loctite brand), that would also help to prevent them from becoming loose.  After putting the arm back on the pedestal, please tighten those bolts down to 16Nm.

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