run Joint_trajectory_action with Rviz


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Hello Sawyer Team,

I was trying to learn how to use MoveIt. I followed the tutorial of MoveIt and tried to rosrun the, then open Rviz, but it appeared that the joint_trajectory_action_server couldn't be executed successfully. Few errors were reported, please see the attachments.  If I directly open Rviz, then it showed the library is not loaded in. I thought the file has error, so I tried to download some Moveit packages from online resources like Github, but don't know how to apply them and I am not sure they will work or not. This is the main issue I have.

Back to the beginning of this tutorial, during I was trying to install MoveIt and run the update code, I also encountered few errors. So I am thinking if they are associated with the problem I had with trajectory file. I skipped them at the beginning. These errors happened when I ran "apt_get update" and "wstool update". Please see the last two attachments.

Please post comments if you know what cause these issues and how to fix. Thanks a lot for the help!!!



Junchao Li



apt_get update error reported.png

wstool_update error reported intera_sdk failed.png

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