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Hi there,

I'm currently trying to run some Sawyer simulations locally (i.e. running ./intera.sh sim). Is it possible to run Rviz inside the intera simulation? I'm trying to follow the MoveIt tutorial which heavily uses Rviz.

I've got roscore running inside intera already. i've completed the MoveIt tutorial up until this point.

when trying to run:

rosrun intera_interface enable_robot.py -e

i receive the following output:

[WARN] [1519253835.703072]: RobotEnable: Failed to retrieve robot version from rosparam: /manifest/robot_software/version/HLR_VERSION_STRING
Verify robot state and connectivity (i.e. ROS_MASTER_URI)

I'm not really sure why this is the case or how to fix it. As i said previously, i am running intera.sh sim. and my IP is set locally.

Any help would be appreciated.

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