SDK: Need help for using set_joint_trajectory()


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I would like to have more information about how set_joint_trajectory() (from intera_interface.limb.Limb) works. Here is the documentation I found.

I tried to send a trajectory to Sawyer using this method. For each of the 60 points of the trajectory, I run set_joint_trajectory(joint_names, joint_positions, joint_velocities, joint_accelerations). But it seems that the arm did not take into account the velocities and acceleration. The resulting move was very fast, maybe at the maximum speed of the robot.

Therefore I have some questions for you:

- I don't know how this method works, but regarding this result I think it is non-blocking ?

- If it is the case, how should I proceed to run the whole trajectory correctly ? (I need to send point by point)

- Is there a topic or something to know if the execution of the current point has finished ?

- And finally, if this function use the JTAS (I don't think so from what I read), in which mode should it be running ?


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