Sawyer | Controlling the stop of a robot after an external force is applied to it


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My name is Borys Kondrashov, I work as an Automation Technician.
We have a robot from your company, and now I have a task to apply it in my work.
The problem is that I need to adjust, or set a certain value to stop the robot after applying an external force to it, for example, pressing my hand on the robot's hand while performing movements in the automatic mode of the program.
Unfortunately, I did not find the possibility of adjustment in the web interface. Perhaps I was not careful.
Please, could you tell me how to do this, if possible?
I will wait for your answer.
Thank you in advance
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I don't if it's too late, but you can add the DO IF NODE at the beginning of your program and set the conditions to FORCE.[your selection] < [your value] 

Plus activate the "KEEP EVALUATING" option.

So basically, the program will run until it feels some force and will restart again.

Hope that helps a bit.


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