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Found 5 results

  1. Andreas Moser

    Customized Gripper to URDF

    Hi, for a current application, i would like to use an customized pneumatic gripper. I want to do the path planning with moveIt. For this i need the end gripper in the urdf file so it is visible in the RVIZ. i have already tried to load the necessary xacro file with the send_urdf_fragment function. The function did not give an error message, but the gripper was still not inserted Used code: rosrun intera_interface -f ~/path/right_end_effector.urdf.xacro -l right_hand -j right_gripper_base Is there anything else I need to watch out for? Thank you very much
  2. Hello, I have built my own magnetic gripper (size: 350x250x70) and I'd like to know if I can tell the robot the size/model of the gripper, maybe via a URDF file, so it can use it for the self-collision check. FYI: it is also possible for me to use the click-smart-plate if that's necessary. Can any one please help me ? Best Atma PS: This is the URDF file I'm using: <?xml version="1.0"?> <robot xmlns:xacro="" name="magnetplate_of_doom"> <xacro:macro name="magnetplate_of_doom" params="side"> <joint name="${side}_gripper_base" type="fixed"> <origin rpy="0 0 0" xyz="0 0 0"/> <!-- Enter the 3D pose of your end effector frame here w.r.t. end of arm --> <parent link="${side}_hand"/> <child link="${side}_robotiq_gripper"/> </joint> <link name="${side}_robotiq_gripper"> <inertial> <origin rpy="0 0 0" xyz="0.0 0.0 0.0"/> <!-- only modify this if there is an C.O.M. offset w.r.t your gripper_base joint above --> <mass value="4"/> <!-- Enter your mass and inertial properties here --> <inertia ixx="1e-08" ixy="0" ixz="0" iyy="1e-08" iyz="0" izz="1e-08"/> </inertial> </link> </xacro:macro> <xacro:magnetplate_of_doom side="right"/> </robot>
  3. Hi, I attached a Weiss WSG50 gripper to our Sawyer and I would like to update the gravity compensation to account for the gripper's mass. I have the gripper's urdf here: How do I integrate this into Sawyer's URDF and make the controller use this at runtime? Thanks!
  4. Danfei

    Change URDF at run time

    Hi guys, we are trying to update robot URDF with external obstacles in real time for collision checking. Is there a way to overwrite existing collision avoidance state? Thanks!
  5. Murilo

    Modified URDF

    Dear forum, We removed the Sawyer from the wheel base and mounted on a large workbench. We have an updated URDF model without the wheel base and I was wondering the most appropriate way to have the Sawyer use this updated URDF model. I can overwrite the /robot_description parameter with the new URDF model, but the Sawyer does not take the updated parameter into account (as expected). I could start a robot_state_publisher from the workstation to publish the missing TF, thus killing Sawyer's respective node, but that seems more of a workaround than a solution. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!