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Found 1 result

  1. Homagni Saha

    Getting images from both cameras in sawyer

    Hello, I was recently trying to follow along the code for displaying two camera images from the sawyer one-handed robot. Here: Now the camera interface in sawyer does not allow to have two cameras on, but I need it !, so I did : (after installing sawyer gazebo from here : import argparse import numpy as np import cv2 from cv_bridge import CvBridge, CvBridgeError import rospy import intera_interface from sensor_msgs.msg import Image import message_filters def img_callback(image_hand,image_head): bridge1 = CvBridge() bridge2 = CvBridge() try: cv_image1 = bridge1.imgmsg_to_cv2(image_hand, "mono8") except CvBridgeError as e: print(e) cv2.imshow("Hand Image window", cv_image1) cur_image_hand=cv2.resize(cv_image1, (80, 80)) cv2.waitKey(3) try: cv_image2 = bridge2.imgmsg_to_cv2(image_head, "bgr8") except CvBridgeError as e: print(e) cv2.imshow("Head Image window", cv_image2) gray_image = cv2.cvtColor(cv_image2, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY) cur_image_head=cv2.resize(gray_image, (80, 80)) #rospy.spin() cv2.waitKey(3) def main(): rospy.init_node('image_converter', anonymous=True) image_sub_hand = message_filters.Subscriber("/io/internal_camera/right_hand_camera/image_rect",Image) image_sub_head = message_filters.Subscriber("/io/internal_camera/head_camera/image_rect_color",Image) #ts = message_filters.TimeSynchronizer([self.image_sub_hand, self.image_sub_head], 10) ts = message_filters.TimeSynchronizer([image_sub_hand, image_sub_head], 10) ts.registerCallback(img_callback) rospy.spin() if __name__ == '__main__': main() This code starts with both the images showing nicely together in two seperate windows for a few seconds, but after that both the cv windows blacken out and images are not updated anymore . Please suggest what to do, and provide me the best solution that allows me to access these two topics at any time using python code.