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Found 1 result

  1. StuweXY

    Unable to ping Sawyer

    Hi, I've never worked with Ubuntu and now I am kinda lost what to do. Before describing the problem I'll tell you what I already did: 1) installing Ubuntu 14.04.05 as VM 2) Setting up ROS, the tutorials work 3) I used and to connect directly to Sawyer. In the first tutorial it fails at the commando "rostopic list" (ERROR: Unable to communicate with master!) and in the second tutorial I can't ping the robot. env | grep ROS returns i.a. ROS_MASTER_URI=http://<serial number>.local:11311 and ROS_HOSTNAME my computer. I can also ping my computer, but when I try to ping Sawyer with ping <Serial number>.local it returns "unknown host". A colleague has Sawyer connected via a router and it works fine. So where is the problem with direct connection?