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Found 2 results

  1. saracasao

    Issues with intera examples

    I've been able to connect to robot by IP, also i get rostopic < echo /robot/joint_states> succesfull but when I'm trying to do -> [intera -] civ@civ-VirtualBox:~/ros_ws$ rosrun intera_examples Initializing node... Getting robot state... Enabling robot... [INFO] [1546511493.727429]: Robot Enabled Running. Ctrl-c to quit the robot no moving, it doesn't do anything. i think that the problem is when robot have to do this --> self._limb.move_to_neutral() or limb.move_to_joint_positions(angles), the robot don't move when i send this comand anyone can help me! please !
  2. Ian McMahon

    Intera SDK 5.1 Release

    Greetings Sawyer SDK Users, We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Sawyer Intera SDK software – v5.1.0. SDK 5.1.0 is a release focused on improving the Intera SDK user experience and added further improvements to motion quality. You can find a complete set of SDK-related release notes here. The Intera 5.1 update also allows for any user to reboot between Rethink's Python and ROS-based SDK, and the new Intera 5.1 manufacturing software with behavior trees through the FSM. From this point forward, both Intera Manufacturing and SDK upgrades are installed through the same update files. If your Sawyer robot is currently running SDK 5.0.4, please follow this Software Update tutorial to upgrade your robot to Intera 5.1.0. Running the $ wstool update command from the top of your ROS workspace will pull in the Intera 5.1.0 changes to update your workstation. We have provided examples and code walk throughs for many aspects of the Sawyer's Intera SDK, so that you can get working quickly as soon as you install the SDK. Happy Researching! ~ Ian McMahon