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Found 6 results

  1. jorgegalds_DON

    Intera Library through ROS

    Is there a way to have access to the library of programs, saved in intera, through ROS? These programs are saved in the Sawyer's computer right? So I wanted to know if they can be accessed somehow.
  2. lr101095

    Intera SDK Version

    Just wanted to ask if there's any way i could check what version of Intera i have on my Machine and what version is loaded on the sawyer? Please advise. Cheers, Luke
  3. lr101095

    vibrating model

    While running the sawyer simulation in intera 5.2, i can see that the model is vibrating. Calling rostopic echo robot/limb/right/gravity_compensation_torques, you can see that there are changes being constantly made in actual_position, actual_velocity, actual_effort and gravity_only. I compared the same topic to the real robot, and i saw no changes in the output. Does anyone know why this happens in the simulation or how to resolve it?
  4. lr101095

    joint angles in simulation

    I was comparing the joint angles and joint limits in the simulation and the real robot. I dont think the correct joint angles have been integrated in the simulation. I understand that there may be some variance in the real robot, but i just wanted to make sure i wasn't observing something incorrect. I am trying to run a program, that was written for the real robot, in simulation. It works as expected with the real robot. But there are several discrepancies that i am coming across when running the simulation. One concern is that the joint limits do no match those of the real robot. Because of this, the robot in simulation isn't in the correct pose. For example, in simulation, joint 6 (wrist) has a range of -3.14 to 3.14. The real sawyer has a range of -4.714 to 4.709 in the same joint. I'm not sure if that has anything to do the simulation failing to run the program as expected, but I feel it may because the lack in "flexibility" in the robot in simulation isn't allowing the required pose to be achieved. In the program i'm trying to run, a joint angle of 3.373 is required in the joint 6. Consequently, due to the range provided in the simulation, the required pose in not achieved. it is worth noting that i've only observed this difference in range in joint 6, and i haven't, as of yet, checked to see if there are discrepancies in the other joints. If anyone has any advice regarding how to resolve this, or if there is an upcoming update that resolves this issue, please let me know.
  5. lr101095

    vibrating model

    I'm currently running intera 5.2 on my PC and trying to run a sawyer simulation with a force/torque sensor on the end effector. I'm using rqt_plot to get the readings from the f/t sensor. but i'm getting unnecessary noise from the signal even when the sensor is not in contact with anything. (see first screenshot) When i put the f/t sensor to a surface in a static manner (end-effector put towards the surface and kept in contact), the signal is violently oscillating between a max force and 0. (see second screenshot) Zooming into the model of both sawyer and the f/t sensor, i can see that they are both vibrating a little. i can tell because the shadow is oscillating a little bit. I'm posting this question on this forum because i wanted to ask if there have been any changes in the simulation since 5.2.2 was released? i also wanted to ask if anyone was able to resolve this "error"?
  6. lr101095

    Backwards Compatibility

    I recently updated to Intera 5.2 on my personal PC. However, i work in a lab and Sawyer is being shared among other lab techs. As it stands, the robot is only on Intera 5.1.2. Is there anyway i can still run the robot while having 5.2 on my pc but working with 5.1.2 on the actual robot? i dont want to update sawyer just yet because it might affect the performance for other users. i also dont want to downgrade my laptop back to 5.1 because i'm making use of the sawyer simulation. please advise. any help is much appreciated.