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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I tried to run the gripper example with command "$ rosrun intera_examples", but it turned out with few errors. Few functions like "map_keyboard(args,limb)", "gripper=intera_interface.Gripper(limb)" have errors and the last two showed that the gripper is not attached. See screen shot attached. We bought Pneumatic Large Gripper Kit and assembled by exactly following the instruction and I am sure it was attached properly, but I don't know why it shows the gripper is not attached. Similarly, when I tried to run the second example with command "$ rosrun intera_examples", it shows "Could not initialize the gripper". I wonder do I need to type any command to let the robot know the gripper is attached? Junchao Li

    gazebo simulator launch problem

    Hello Intera team, When I finished all the install process by following the Intera SDK Gazebo tutorial, I tried to launch the gazebo simulator and run the example: $ ./ sim $ roslaunch sawyer_sim_examples sawyer_pick_and_place_demo.launch but through the terminal, I saw some errors and warnings. It shows many example codes have errors. and a Warning shows " Converting a deprecated SDF source[data-string]." Can anyone help me diagnose it or provide any advice? So appreciate! Junchao Li
  3. StuweXY

    Extended IK Service Example

    Hi guys, I tried to extend the IK Service Example by orienting myself on point #4 of the tutorial to move the robot to the found solution. Everything works, except the moving part. The set_joint_positions function and as well as the move_to_joint_position function return an error AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'set_joint_positions'. I don't see my mistake because in the documentation it says for the function parameter position: positions (dict({str:float})) - joint_name:angle command, and also the tutorial does it like that. So why doesn't it work? Here is my code: #!/usr/bin/env python import pprint import rospy import intera_interface import intera_external_devices from intera_interface import CHECK_VERSION from std_msgs.msg import Header from sensor_msgs.msg import JointState from geometry_msgs.msg import ( PoseStamped, Pose, Point, Quaternion, ) from intera_core_msgs.srv import ( SolvePositionIK, SolvePositionIKRequest, ) class PickAndPlace(object): # Register clean shutdown def clean_shutdown(): print("\nExiting example.") return True def __init__(self): # Verify limb parameters print("Validating limbs...") rp = intera_interface.RobotParams() valid_limbs = rp.get_limb_names() if not valid_limbs: rp.log_message(("Cannot detect any limb parameters on this robot. " "Exiting."), "ERROR") return # Verify robot is enabled print("Getting robot state... ") rs = intera_interface.RobotEnable() print("Enabling robot... ") rs.enable() print("Done.") #Move in neutral position print("Moving to neutral position... ") limb = intera_interface.Limb('right') #limb.move_to_neutral() print("Done.") def doit(self, limb = "right"): # Initialising IK services ns = "ExternalTools/" + limb + "/PositionKinematicsNode/IKService" iksvc = rospy.ServiceProxy(ns, SolvePositionIK) ikreq = SolvePositionIKRequest() hdr = Header(, frame_id='base') # Defining a new pose poses = { 'right': PoseStamped( header=hdr, pose=Pose( position=Point( x=0.450628752997, y=0.161615832271, z=0.217447307078, ), orientation=Quaternion( x=0.704020578925, y=0.710172716916, z=0.00244101361829, w=0.00194372088834, ), ), ), } # Add desired pose for inverse kinematics ikreq.pose_stamp.append(poses[limb]) # Request inverse kinematics from base to "right_hand" link ikreq.tip_names.append('right_hand') try: rospy.wait_for_service(ns, 5.0) # resp enthaelt momentane joint positions resp = iksvc(ikreq) except (rospy.ServiceException, rospy.ROSException), e: rospy.logerr("Service call failed: %s" % (e,)) return False # Check if result valid, and type of seed ultimately used to get solution if(resp.result_type[0] > 0): # Seed is optional, default mode: each strategy will be used seed_str = { ikreq.SEED_USER: 'User Provided Seed', ikreq.SEED_CURRENT: 'Current Joint Angles', ikreq.SEED_NS_MAP: 'Nullspace Setpoints', }.get(resp.result_type[0], 'None') rospy.loginfo("SUCCESS\nValid Joint Solution Found from Seed Type:\n%s" %(seed_str,)) # Format solution into Limb API-compatible dictionary limb_joints = dict(zip(resp.joints[0].name, resp.joints[0].position)) #-print("Joints: " + str(tuple(resp.joints[0].position))) # Formatted print of joints (instead of rospy.loginfo()) print("\nIK Joint Solution:") pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4) pp.pprint(limb_joints) #rospy.loginfo("\nIK Joint Solution:\n%s", limb_joints) rospy.loginfo("------------------") else: rospy.logerr("INVALID POSE - No Valid Joint Solution Found.") rospy.logerr("Result Error %d", resp.result_type[0]) return False while not rospy.is_shutdown(): print("Moving robot to joint solution...") limb.set_joint_positions(limb_joints) rospy.sleep(0.01) return True if __name__ == '__main__': # Init Node for communication with Master rospy.init_node("PickAndPlace", anonymous=True) # Calling init pickandplace = PickAndPlace() print("--- Initialisation complete. ---") print("Calling doit()...") pickandplace.doit() print("--- Task complete. ---")