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Found 2 results

  1. josh_jhu

    Sawyer Jacobian

    Hello, Is it possible to access Sawyer's Jacobian matrix? I noticed these resources available for obtaining Baxter's Jacobian Is it also possible to use KDL with Sawyer? -Josh
  2. StuweXY

    Programming Sawyer

    Hello everyone, my goal is to be able to program Sawyer with Python. It would be ideal if I could run a simulation of my program first to see if everything is correct. Therefor I familiarized myself with some of the provided example programs and did the MoveIt-Tutorial and also looked a bit further into RVIZ. My problem now is, I checked out the RVIZ tutorial here but the commands have not much to do with the ones used in the examples. So my questions are: Is it better to orient myself on the example programs than on the general ros stuff? And how can I test my program, like sending it into RVIZ? I already wrote a small one for initialisation, copied it to the examples and tried running it, but I got told it wasn't an executable?! Best regards