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Found 2 results

  1. We are currently trying to use the camera to complete some basic tasks, but I only find one camera example in the tutorial " camera image display example". If we want to do something more complicated, like camera inspection, or using camera to recognize other targets and send signal to control the gripper. Is there any good example for it that anyone can share? So appreciate! I know Rivz is pretty good software and has a lot of functions, but we are research based and we hope to access basic codes. We are currently doing Linear Temporal Logic, if you have any experience about its application on Sawyer robot or currently doing that too, please provide some advises! Thanks a lot! Junchao Li
  2. Hello, I tried to run the gripper example with command "$ rosrun intera_examples", but it turned out with few errors. Few functions like "map_keyboard(args,limb)", "gripper=intera_interface.Gripper(limb)" have errors and the last two showed that the gripper is not attached. See screen shot attached. We bought Pneumatic Large Gripper Kit and assembled by exactly following the instruction and I am sure it was attached properly, but I don't know why it shows the gripper is not attached. Similarly, when I tried to run the second example with command "$ rosrun intera_examples", it shows "Could not initialize the gripper". I wonder do I need to type any command to let the robot know the gripper is attached? Junchao Li