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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I need help in doing a simple pick and place task with the Sawyer robot in the Gazebo simulator. I tried the IK pick and place script which was provided but the gripper always used to miss pick the cube. Is there a way to integrate the OpenCV with the IK pick and place script so that the robot can detect the objects kept on a table and perform the operation in the right manner. Also, is there a way that the edge detection algorithm can be used for the pick and place operation? Please let me know of the resources, methodologies or scripts available for testing purposes. I also want to know if its possible to use a kinect sensor to help the robot in the pick and place operation. Thanks!
  2. We are currently trying to use the camera to complete some basic tasks, but I only find one camera example in the tutorial " camera image display example". If we want to do something more complicated, like camera inspection, or using camera to recognize other targets and send signal to control the gripper. Is there any good example for it that anyone can share? So appreciate! I know Rivz is pretty good software and has a lot of functions, but we are research based and we hope to access basic codes. We are currently doing Linear Temporal Logic, if you have any experience about its application on Sawyer robot or currently doing that too, please provide some advises! Thanks a lot! Junchao Li
  3. chadfrench7

    Flash in SDK mode

    Hi, Can you use the flash on the right_hand_camera in SDK mode? If so, how would you do this? Thanks, chad

    cognex camera inspection example

    Hello, I am curious if I set sawyer robot as SDK mode and wanna use command to execute the example to control the robot embedded camera to inspect and detect certain part, is there any good example for this? I checked internet and this forum. Most of the people are using software to control the camera instead of executing the code. Junchao Li
  5. oliver_lw

    IK and Camera Parallel to desk surface

    Hello, How do we set the IK parameters to make Sawyer arm camera parallel to table surface(facing down)? Is there a way to keep Sawyer's arm camera(J5 joint?) horizontal to desk surface during the whole task? Can you provide some sample code to do that? Or, is there a way to configure IK to achieve that ? I tried roll =0.5*Pi pitch = 0.5*Pi, in this case the arm will be parallel to desk, but not the camera. Thanks, Wei
  6. I'm trying to access both of Sawyer's cameras at the same time, from separate nodes, but experiencing an issue where it appears only one of the cameras is producing data. If I run the nodes individually, the cameras work fine, but if both are accessed simultaneously one of them becomes unresponsive. Also, I've noticed in RViz, if I set up one camera view, video streams through okay, but if I then change the topic to the other camera nothing comes through. If you try to have two camera views, again one of the cameras becomes unresponsive. Overall, running both cameras together, or attempting to switch between the cameras individually results in one of them becoming unresponsive (sometimes the right hand camera, sometimes the head camera). Is there a topic or service I should be calling to 'activate' the camera I would like? Is there a way to stream from both cameras simultaneously?
  7. StuweXY

    Camera specifications

    Hi, is there a documentation of the Cognex Camera? All I could find was this but I need values like the focal length or the sensor size. Does anyone know something about that? Best regards
  8. senaa

    Camera Configuration Failed

    Hi, At start up of our Sawyer, we are getting a message "Camera Configuration Failed. Please contact Rethink Support". The robot boots to the Sawyer SDK page successfully, and we can still interact through the SDK. I've tried restarting the robot a few times but this doesn't seem to be going away - are there any suggestions on how to resolve this error message? Thanks