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Found 2 results

  1. Heriberto Tianjero

    Banner configure IO

    Hello everybody I am looking to make a configuration to the banner module to be able to resume task. Has anyone done this? I already made a connection with the module via usb connection, and i configure an external Stop Emergency, but I don't understand how to connect the inputs IN11, IN12, IN13 and the sawyer can be activated like show This is the "program" I appreciate the help you can give me. Best regards!
  2. Hi all, I am trying to install a Keyence SZ-V32 Laserscanner to set a safety parameter around my Saywer robot. As far as I know the internal Banner safety controller does support the function of external OSSD sources. (see attached picture "safety controller"). My laser scanner would function as a active PNP device with a 2-wire safety input and 24V + -. It tells me in the wiring diagram, that I should just connect my OSSD A & B to IN15 & IN16. Will i need to go into the Banner safety controller to program it or is this is plug&play ? What will happen if enter the safety zone? Will the robot stop or will it be powerless (same when i press the emergency stop button)? Has anyone got any experience with this ? Thanks for your help. Martin