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Found 1 result

  1. I'm trying to access both of Sawyer's cameras at the same time, from separate nodes, but experiencing an issue where it appears only one of the cameras is producing data. If I run the nodes individually, the cameras work fine, but if both are accessed simultaneously one of them becomes unresponsive. Also, I've noticed in RViz, if I set up one camera view, video streams through okay, but if I then change the topic to the other camera nothing comes through. If you try to have two camera views, again one of the cameras becomes unresponsive. Overall, running both cameras together, or attempting to switch between the cameras individually results in one of them becoming unresponsive (sometimes the right hand camera, sometimes the head camera). Is there a topic or service I should be calling to 'activate' the camera I would like? Is there a way to stream from both cameras simultaneously?