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Found 3 results

  1. Andreas Moser

    can't connect with NTPserver

    Hi, i am having problems connection my Sawyer to my local NTP server. When using MoveIt I get the error message that the times of Workstation and Sawyer do not match. Sawyer and workstation are directly connected via Ethernet cable. I followed the instructions from: And i set the NTP Servers in the FSM to Is there anything else I need to configure? Thanks for your help.
  2. Ulysse

    Cannot sync with NTP server

    Hi, I am having troubles connecting my Sawyer to a local NTP server. I have a local NTP server on my network that I know to be working : I can query it using some Linux machine and get offset, jitter, etc. I want to connect Sawyer to it so that it is in sync with my development computer (otherwise I can't use MoveIt! nor tf, pretty embarrassing...) I followed the Time and NTP tutorial, booted Sawyer into the FSM, replaced the NTP pool list with the IP address of my NTP server and rebooted into the SDK. However it didn't work, timestamps published by the robot are still off by about 6 hours. For completeness: The robot Intera version 5.2.2 The development computer Intera version is 5.2 I work in France so I am on GMT+2 timezone The `ntpdate` command does not work, it raises the error: server, stratum 0, offset 0.000000, delay 0.00000 11 Jun 10:28:25 ntpdate[4829]: no server suitable for synchronization found The `clockdiff` command works and outputs the above offset: host= rtt=562(280)ms/0ms delta=-17953355ms/-17953355ms Mon Jun 11 10:54:02 2018 I spent some time on the FSM trying to get this working and I might have disrupted some parameters. For instance, the `ntpdate` was working at first but it no longer does. How can I investigate on why is the robot not connecting to the server ? Normally it should burst on it at boot time as the offset is way bigger than 17 minutes. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi everyone, My group is working on a human-robot collaboration project. We are trying to use a Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect with the Sawyer robot. The Kinect is functioning properly and, in fact, when we run roslaunch sawyer_moveit_config sawyer_moveit.launch Kinect:=true electric_gripper:=true, it brings up Rviz and we can visualize the point-cloud generated by the Kinect. However, the octomap does not show up in Rviz. We tried to remove the name space “move_group” in the “sawyer_moveit_sensor_manager.launch.xml” under “moveit_sawyer_config” directory as suggested by this thread:!topic/moveit-users/Fz-Hxhjr5zI. It didn’t work for us. Next, we looked on the Baxter Research Robot Community forum and found similar, if not identical questions, that were asked back in 2013. The supposed issue is that clock time on the robot computer and time on my development PC are desynchronized. (as suggested by this thread:!searchin/brr-users/lookup$20would$20require/brr-users/9z3h8etJkp0/Pkn4p-J0t3gJ). When we run the launch file, we get the warning: [ WARN ] [1499805321.709597996]: Unable to transform object from frame ‘camera_link’ to planning frame ‘/base’ (Lookup would require extrapolation into the past. Requested time 1499805321.720482463 but the earliest data is at time 1499805348.802233425, when looking up transform from frame [camera_link] to frame [base]) Also mentioned in the thread, there was a patch released to fix this issue. However, our softwares are up to date on both the robot computer and our development PC and we are still having this clock desynchronization issue. We are out of ideas as to how to fix this problem. Could anyone please give us some guidance with this issue? Thanks in advance for the help. Bruce