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Found 2 results

  1. StuweXY

    Unable to ping Sawyer

    Hi, I've never worked with Ubuntu and now I am kinda lost what to do. Before describing the problem I'll tell you what I already did: 1) installing Ubuntu 14.04.05 as VM 2) Setting up ROS, the tutorials work 3) I used and to connect directly to Sawyer. In the first tutorial it fails at the commando "rostopic list" (ERROR: Unable to communicate with master!) and in the second tutorial I can't ping the robot. env | grep ROS returns i.a. ROS_MASTER_URI=http://<serial number>.local:11311 and ROS_HOSTNAME my computer. I can also ping my computer, but when I try to ping Sawyer with ping <Serial number>.local it returns "unknown host". A colleague has Sawyer connected via a router and it works fine. So where is the problem with direct connection?
  2. Eash

    Unable to ping to ROS Master

    We are following the installation tutorial and are currently on the "Hello Robot." The problem we are facing is verifying our connection to the ROS Master. In the tutorial, it states that the ROS Master is the serial number on the baxter arm. When we attempt to ping to the ROS Master URI (serial number), we get unknown host. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ I.e. [intera - http://021xxxRPxxxxx.local:11311] user@ubuntu:~/ros_ws$ ping 021xxxRPxxxxx.local ping: unknown host 021xxxRPxxxxx.local _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Also we have successfully pinged to the controller with its serial number/IP address. Are we suppose to ping to the controller with its serial number or the arm itself?